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Not goin’ anywhere

At least not any time soon.

What’s the over/under on the number of wins Kirbs gets over his mentor in the next eight seasons?



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Your Daily Gator has never met Greg McGarity.



Honestly, I can’t stop laughing over that.


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Pointing the finger

Mike Farrell knows whom to blame for the natty or bust standard he imposes on Georgia this season:

Smart did this to himself with his recruiting ability and roster talent at Georgia…

Face it, Kirby — you screwed up.  You trusted yourself.


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“I believe in tradition and we’re messing with tradition here.”

No, man.  That’s wrong.  There’s only one tradition that matters in today’s college football ($$).

Arkansas can soothe its sorrows by counting its money from SEC membership. A move to the Big 12 would introduce risk and probably cost the university a few million dollars per year. Last year, the SEC distributed $45.5 million to member schools. The Big 12 handed out $37.7 million.

Cash be king, bitchez.  David Shaw doesn’t approve, but there’s nothing he can do about it.  As for the rest of us…

That affects fans … how, exactly?

Arkansas’ SEC membership checks every box for almost every reason that decisions are actually made in college sports. But fans would be happier for a host of reasons if the Hogs were Big 12 members. College sports, we are told, are a non-profit exercise. And the reality of Arkansas’ SEC membership is it has been a raw deal for fans from the start. Little has changed in three decades.

College sports are supposed to be fun. Conferences are supposed to be about rivalries and bragging rights. Once upon a time, they were about regional dominance.

How quaint.


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Money well spent.

It doesn’t take much to get a contract extension in Gainesville, Florida these days.

… But his vision of a championship future appears increasingly distant entering Year Four in Gainesville. A season-ending three-game skid, the departure of several offensive stars and a 2021 recruiting class ranked outside the top 10 are cause for concern.

The 49-year-old himself flopped on the public relations front. Mullen called to pack the Swamp amid a pandemic, helped incite a halftime brawl against Missouri and criticized the NCAA for canceling practice so players could vote on Election Day. Recruiting violations followed, putting the program on probation for the first time in decades.

That, my friends, is the current resume of the fifth highest paid coach in college football.  Speaking of highly paid…

Only five college football assistants in 2020 carried a higher price tag than defensive coordinator Todd Grantham’s $1.8 million.

I wonder if Dan’s agent used that as a sales pitch:  “If Todd’s the sixth highest paid at his level, surely Dan deserves to be a higher fit…”.


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As the secondary turns

A play in several acts.

First came word yesterday afternoon that Brandon Turnage had a change of heart about his Georgia commitment out of the transfer portal.  Dawgnation was quick to jump on the bad news.

The future of Alabama transfer Brandon Turnage is in question after sources said he was not on the Georgia team.

From what Weiszer reported, Turnage had second thoughts.

A former Alabama defensive back who announced he was transferring to Georgia may not be a part of the program after all.

Brandon Turnage spoke to his high school coach a couple of days ago.

“He was just going through some things,” Michael Fair, who coached Turnage at Lafayette High School in Oxford, Miss., said Sunday night. “He just said he didn’t feel comfortable for some reason.”

I can’t imagine it’s about competition.  The Kendrick news wasn’t exactly a closely held secret and Kirby Smart’s not exactly the kind of guy who doesn’t lay out what’s going on with the program and over-promise.

Anyway, from there, things got fun.  First, Turnage himself took to Twitter to calm the waters.

Whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Smart relaxed in his own way.

Evans is a 6-2, 195-lb. graduate cornerback from Tulsa with two years eligibility remaining.  He’s one of the more highly sought remaining targets in the transfer portal.  Sounds like a message is being sent to Mr. Turnage.

I’ll let Seth Emerson summarize.

My head hurts.


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