“He will be a home-run hire.”

Forget about the coaching comings and goings.  Here’s the big hiring news of the offseason, at least from Butts-Mehre’s perspective.

The Georgia Bulldogs have tabbed Ford Williams as their top fundraising executive.

Williams succeeds Matt Borman, who served as the athletic association’s executive associate athletic director for development since 2017. Borman left UGA in April to assume a similar position at LSU.

Borman and Williams have worked closely together since Williams came to UGA from Clemson to head up UGA’s major gifts program in the summer of 2017. Over that span, the Bulldogs have seen the Magill Society donor club grow to more than 1,400 members and have completed $184 million worth of facilities projects.

Yessir.  They’re in good hands; just check out his background.

Before coming to Georgia, Williams was assistant director of major gifts for Clemson’s “IPTAY” fundraising program from 2012 to 2017.

Looks like they’re gonna need a bigger acronym.


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6 responses to ““He will be a home-run hire.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    So the athletic department has its own fund raising division, in addition to the surely bloated begging bureaucracy on North Campus. Where have I been all these years?
    Ka Ching, Ka Ching.


  2. 81Dog

    It’s good to know UGA is hiring home runs in the area it traditionally cares about most.


  3. 79dawg

    I should say, however, I’m impressed they’ve convinced 1400 people to donate enough to “join”, and I’ve been surprised at some people I know who “joined” (guess they’re doing better financially than I thought, good for them!).

    On a similar note, did any of the heavy hitting Magill Society members on here do the seat selection yesterday? Any better availability (although I’m sure almost all will be gone by the time us plebes get our shot…)?


    • This plebe’s timeslot is Friday afternoon! But I’d swear there’s a few more tix in the sections I’m likely to land in. Hope there’ll be something left on Friday.


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