Mark Emmert… and a pony



Doin’ it for the kids, for the win!


UPDATE:  More here.  Emmert is all in on the impending apocalypse.

According to his testimony, Emmert is expected to again encourage lawmakers to create a federal bill to universally govern NIL while also expressing concern over a hodgepodge of differing state NIL laws that, he writes, “threaten the NCAA’s ability to provide uniform NIL opportunities as well as fair, national competition.” Ongoing litigation against the NCAA, coupled with the varying state laws and some Democrat-backed proposed Congressional legislation, endanger the very nature of college athletics, he says.


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18 responses to “Mark Emmert… and a pony

  1. Russ

    Well, at this point I wish they would come up with a consistent policy. I think we’re getting hurt by the “pooling” wording in the Georgia law.

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  2. Why is he concerned about fair competition? Shouldn’t he just be concerned about student education? Is he concerned about the athletes feelings when they get crushed by a larger school? No. A unbalanced playing field does not make for a good product. End of story. Without a good product, how you gonna make all those Benjamin’s?


  3. MGW

    Seems like the nflpa could throw the college kids a bone here and fund some lobbyists/legal teams.


  4. Gaskilldawg

    If truly “There is nothing we do as an Association that is more important than promoting and ensuring the well-being of college athletes” the don’t make football players practice and play in 2 semesters during one season. After all, they are going pro in something other than sports.


  5. spur21

    Only in America can the incompetents’ rise to the top.

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  6. 69Dawg

    The problem is the congress is full of Mark types that annually sell their souls for the next campaign. The problem he has is they will F you over if they think the voters are against you. Now if all the sponsors of “Amateur” sports on tv would just see their way clear to donate to Senator or Congress person so & so the NCAA would skate to victory and antitrust exemption. What to why they don’t payoff the politicians on this one? They don’t care either way. They know that they will win either way.

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  7. miltondawg

    Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but getting the most politically divided Congress in history to set aside their hatred and disdain for one another and pass something reasonable to give uniformity to NIL nationwide seems like a longshot at best.

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    • aucarson

      Democrats would vote for it so they could play the “they should pay their fair share in taxes” card.

      Republicans would play the “we ended slavery, twice” card.


  8. David Basham

    If the conference commissioners had a spine, they could end the NCAA tomorrow. The Power 5 could just announce that they are all leaving the NCAA and will be pursuing new and separate TV deals l, the NCAA would be f*cked. Good luck fielding an NCAA basketball tournament with just the VCUs, Wichita States, and Ivy League teams.

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  9. TN Dawg

    Why don’t states just pull their schools from the NCAA?

    The NCAA is obviously an evil entity, it takes its cut of revenue, and it hates athletes.

    If schools just withdraw from it, problem solved. No need for federal legislation or lawsuits or court rulings.


    • That’s not the angle I wonder about.

      What if Alabama (the state) were to pass a law allowing football teams to have 100 scholarships?


      • sniffer

        That’s great, Senator. Now we have something else to worry about and stew on while we drink our coffee. Sheesh. BTW, am I the only one wondering if Alexander got to meet a new friend in College Station? Yes, I’m alluding to a bag man.


        • rigger92

          Think of the bag man. Any way to get a foot in the door! Serious cash flow if you can do your research and hit the right people.