PFF’s top 25 breakout candidates for 2021

Thought it was kind of interesting to see three Georgia players make the list:

  • Adam Anderson, at 3
  • Darnell Washington, at 5
  • Arian Smith, at 19

Meanwhile, check out all these players whom Georgia will face this year:

  • D.J. Uiagalelei, at 1
  • Bryan Bresee, at 11
  • Miles Murphy, at 12
  • Andrew Booth, Jr., at 14
  • Emory Jones, at 16
  • Derick Hall, at 21
  • Ethan White, at 23
  • Joe Ngata, at 25

That’s a whopping five players from Clemson alone there.  Looks like there will be some fireworks in the opener, if PFF is on to something.


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22 responses to “PFF’s top 25 breakout candidates for 2021

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    The Emory Jones pick continues to be hilarious to me.

    Dude can’t hit the broadside of a barn with a shotgun, is about as one-dimensional as a running QB can be at a time when simply being a running zone-read QB is not enough anymore, but sure, he’s gonna “break out” in 2021 because “Dan MuLLLen or something.”


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  2. akascuba

    Georgia has twice the number of receivers as defensive players on the list.
    FSU and Auburn both have the same number of players as Bama. Not your normal list.

    Clemson leads the list with plenty of new starters. Hopefully they’ll quickly learn how to win after losing their season opener.


  3. CB

    I don’t follow other programs closely enough to offer up any real criticism of this list, but what about players like Lewis Cine, Nolan Smith, Nakobe Dean, Travon Walker, Kendall Milton, Arian Smith, Jermaine Burton, and Dominick Blaylock just to name a few?

    Are JT Daniels, Arik Gilbert, Tykee Smith, Derion Kendrick, and Jordan Davis already considered to have broken out?

    Anyway. Ladd McConkey should be #1 regardless.

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    Breaking out in the ACC is different.

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  5. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Emory Jones? Come on! He won’t even be the starter by mid season.


  6. Dawg in Austin

    Adam Anderson wins 1/4 of his matchups? Holy shit, I’m not sure people realize how fun it’s going to be watching him next year.

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  7. Darin Cochran

    I don’t think anyone has truly grasped just how good our LBs are gonna be….Adam Anderson, Dean, Mondon, and Nolan Smith…that’s 4 former five star players right there. Zorey was the 4th ranked LB in the country and Chambliss has the physique of a body-builder already. Sherman, Quay Walker, Tindall and Robert Beal…they’d all be starting for most anyone. If anyone besides maybe Bama has that kind of star power in the front seven, I’d like to hear about it.


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