Swimming with the sharks

Hoo, boy.  Bryan Harsin obviously hasn’t figured out whom he’s tangling with yet in his new job ($$).

Bryan Harsin, Auburn’s new coach, would like to see this issue solved in a simple and straightforward way. “Allow the schools the chance to manage their 85,” he argues. “Take the initials out of it. If you lose five, you sign five. If you lose 10, you can sign 10.” If you understand why the 25-man limit was created in the first place, though, it’s clear why others are much more reluctant to embrace that logic.

“You don’t want to have a rule in place that would encourage coaches to run off the average players in their spring training to bring in better ones,” Brown said. “That’s the trouble with adding more initials. Would people be fair, or would they just try to improve their roster by trading up with a better player in the transfer portal?”

I’m shocked, shocked you’d believe coaches like Saban and Smart would even think about doing something like that.  Because of course they would.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Bryan.


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33 responses to “Swimming with the sharks

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Bless his carpetbagging heart!

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    • californiadawg

      The more times that passes the less sense this hire makes. It’ll be nice to watch the auburn fanbase meltdown when Gus finishes with a significantly better record this season.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

        Head coach of an SEC school is the ONE JOB I can think of in which you need prior experience in the region in which you’ll be working.

        I mean, I’m sure there are others, like CIA Analyst for the Middle East or something, but when it comes to something that actually matters, like winning football games, it’s the one job you have high odds of failing at without prior experience working in the conference at some point in your career.

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      • Harold Miller

        Wouldn’t it be great if the playoff expansion happened this season and UCF made it while the Barners were sitting at home with their collective thumbs up their asses. This is not an endorsement of playoff expansion.


    • 69Dawg

      You can tell he ain’t from around here.

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  2. MGW

    How quaint…


  3. The Decider

    somethin’ somethin’ auburn creed somethin’ somethin’

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  4. artistformerlyknownasbman

    Hi Coarch Harsin, I’m from Tuscaloo…er, the conference office in Birmingham, and I’m here to help.

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  5. uga97

    It was only a matter of time to hear these words from a guy who signed up for yearly baked in losses to UGA and Alabama. Is already acting like he didn’t know what kind pressure cooker he signed up for. 118 other schools were just as thrilled to hear about Saban’s extension. Good luck Bryan.

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  6. ASEF

    You know how MIT operates? Under the assumption that a percentage of its new enrollment will wash out, for whatever reasons. Kids with perfect SAT scores, nothing but As in all AP classes, best and the brightest. Maybe it’s the distance from home. Maybe it’s the pressure of the competition. Maybe it’s just a lack of maturity blunting obvious talent. Maybe a combination of a bunch of things, but in the end, the support systems aren’t enough for a certain percentage of the enrollment. Kids who clearly are not thriving at MIT but move on to a better experience down the ladder (and maybe climb back up the ladder as they add experience and maturity to their talent).

    This is how elite programs have to operate. MIT. Green Berets. Or they’re no longer elite. Aspirants understand this when they accept the offer. No one goes to MIT thinking, “They took me! Woo-hoo! Full scholarship for 4 years, even if I turn out to be a 2.0 student at that level!”

    It ain’t just college football. College football programs are not evil for wanting to be elite. Just treat kids with respect, be fair, have the right support systems in place – and maintain elite standards.

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    • aucarson

      In other words: hire an army of “analysts” and spend money like a mofo.


    • theotherdoug

      MIT has one of the most rigorous application processes so they admit students that can cut the academics which are described as “like drinking from a firehose”, and that’s why they have a 93% graduation rate. UGA is 84% and GT is 86% for comparison.


      • ASEF

        The advantages of being a private school. And not having the NCAA artificially cap their student enrollment. And not firing the Chancellor if the Math Team keeps losing to Cal Tech in the semis.


  7. Whiskey Dawg

    I wonder if any of the guys in the west block warned him about the shiv Nick keeps in his right sock.

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  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    If you run off five, you sign five. If you run off 10, you can sign 10.
    FIFY Brian

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  9. stoopnagle

    LOL. Auburn. Seems like a perfect fit.


  10. BuffaloSpringfield

    When ya’ll get the chance pop over and look attapic’ of Hardin’s family. Just sayin’ they might have some kin in 10orC. They’ve always had a attendance issue over thar’ trying to fit dem’ butts in them Knoxville WW seats


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