You know what this post is for.

Oh, lawdy.  Have at it in the comments.


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57 responses to “You know what this post is for.

  1. boz864

    Damn, Mulls ditched the pleats! Welcome to 2010 Coach!

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  2. scottrollins

    “I’m glad he’s not our coach”

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

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  4. Dawg in Austin

    How are those not jorts?!


  5. WH

    I can’t believe I clicked that. At least when I get Rick-rolled, I don’t throw up in my mouth.

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  6. “I need Goofy to save me!”

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  7. waltergeiger

    can you say dork? i thought you could.

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  8. Russ

    Hunchback of Gator Lame?

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  9. jdawg108

    Dad? How can I tell when somebody’s a tool?

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  10. “This 360 view should be sufficient for developers to create a life like digital avatar of me for the recruiting trail. I’ll be on lake Oconee in case anyone is asking”

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  11. RangerRuss

    That motherfucker. As WH says, that makes me physically ill to watch. I don’t think I can stand a loss to those scabby sacks of sorry scrote scum.

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  12. “Home base, this is Quadron Zeta. After traveling 17,000 light years to the planet ‘Earth,’ I have landed in a place called ‘Florida.’ I have taken on human form and learned their customs, and I am blending in seamlessly with the local inhabitants. End report.”

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  13. I did verp a little when I saw the rotisserie dipshit…he looks like slack jawed methhead tiltawhirl operator…it’s so fucking dark and creepy, this is scarier than any clown slasher film…I hate that slack jawed asswipe

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  14. cowetadawg

    Coming to a pre-school near you . . .


    • That is scary…the way he sticks his finger out at the camera, bungholes automatically tighten across the interweb…you don’t want that anywhere near someone’s dirt box…not even his wife’s…she’s probably off making out with a player anyway


  15. practicaldawg

    He’s pointing at all the 2 stars he’s going to develop into 5th year seniors

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    • akascuba

      That’s a great recruiting video to be shown to every 4 star and above player around the SEC.

      What top tier talented high schoolers want to be associated with that shit.

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  16. Salty Dawg

    WTF did I just watch? Gross. Now I’m ill.

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  17. Sweet D

    “Do something fun that the kids will like, coach. -Oh, and act natural.”

    “You mean something like this?”

    (Sigh) “Yes. Something like that.”

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  18. Somehow he was able to look straight into the camera and yet point his finger to whatever was an inch to the right of it.


  19. thedawgalorian

    I’m not like a “regular Dan”, I’m a “cool Dan”! Fellas, who’s up for virgin daiquiris!?

    also: Sick 12″ inseam coach!

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  20. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    What a geek! He’s an embarrassment.


  21. otto1980

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  22. Clayton Joiner

    Gay-turd… Tool… Dopy Dan… Cousin Eddie


  23. PTC DAWG

    Did not watch that shit.

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  24. stoopnagle

    When you play it backwards he says “worship the devil”


  25. rigger92

    What was the point? Do they have a new locker room and that was the reveal? Self centered much? Was he showing off how cool the drone is and that it follows his finger? Amazing how he is just as creepy and awkward as Cousin Eddie.

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  26. Scotty King

    Pull my finger!


  27. The Handbags missed an opportunity to commemorate the biggest play of the year – Dopey could have thrown a Nike Jumpman shoe to show recruits how it’s done.


  28. 81Dog

    “Throw me the shoe! I’m wide open!”


  29. Hobnail_Boot

    Who wants to kiss my wife on the mouth?

    (Points) You do!


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