CFP’s Baghdad Bob speaks. Is Congress listening?

Hey, it’s not really a big day for the CFP if we don’t hear from Bill Hancock.  And yesterday he lived up to all my expectations.

About which Andy Staples waggishly observed,

The biggest cliché Bill laid out wasn’t about the fans, though.

They’re doin’ it for the kids, for the win!  Money had nothing to do with it.  You have the man’s word on that. (Bill’s got some sweet swampland in central Florida available for a song, if you’re interested.)

Anyway, that’s an interesting take, considering the participants in a national championship game will now be expected to play in their sixteenth or seventeenth game of the season, without any increased compensation.  (Okay, money did have nothing to do with that part.)  What makes that particularly interesting is the timing, considering what’s coming up next in Washington, D.C.

Gee, I wonder if they’ll get asked about…

I guess they will.

The delicious irony about this is that they’ll probably rake the NCAA over the coals about it, even though it’s the one area of collegiate sports the NCAA has zero control over.  Maybe Mark Emmert can bring Bill Hancock along to testify.


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15 responses to “CFP’s Baghdad Bob speaks. Is Congress listening?

  1. RangerRuss

    I’m gonna buy me some of that central Florida swampland, build a hotel on stilts, dig a canal to Disneyworld, hire Marie Laveau’s ghost as economic advisor and rake in that tourist money flowing out from Mickey’s abundance. True voodoo economics. Makes about as much sense as this 12 team playoff nonsense.

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  2. J.R. Clark

    The CFP is increasing the temperature in the pot in which the goose that laid the golden egg is bathing.

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    Making 18 and 19 year old college kids play 17 games simply to make more money for other people is ridiculous. That is a long season for NFL players. If it comes to pass the entities making money off of the additional games won’t share a penny with the players putting in the additional work and wear and tear.

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  4. Anon

    So potentially the champion in this format could play how many games in a season? 16? 17? 18? Just wondering if a 19 year old kids body can sustain that. Not to mention school study workload?

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  5. akascuba

    Nobody can vacuum a wallet in Orlando like Disney they are undefeated in grabbing your cash. Madam Laveau will need to dig up her strongest greegree to compete.

    Don’t mention my name when you get there. 😳

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    • RangerRuss

      No worries, Diver. The only thing they’ll get out of me is name, rank, service number and a French tickler I bought at the Gulf station bathroom in Hartwell, Ga for fiddy cents in 1977 because the condom machine was empty. Been carrying it in my wallet ever since as that orange bulldog skank had a prodigious supply in that big ol bag of crazy she called a purse.

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  6. Sweet D

    In their last full season (2019), North Dakota State went 16-0 to win the championship. So there is precedence.


  7. 69Dawg

    Let’s face it the doing it for the student-athlete thing went out with the addition of the 11th and 12th regular season games. If this doesn’t get the right to bargain guys over the top then nothing will. If they make it to the playoffs the players should get a piece of the action. Make the magical CFP committee be the bag men.