Does Georgia have the best quarterback situation in the SEC?

That’s the question Chip Towers ponders.

Smart and the Bulldogs are no doubt pleased that JT Daniels is, in fact, their quarterback heading into the season. That gives Georgia arguably the best QB situation in all of the SEC. That mythical distinction is ripe for the taking, with Alabama’s Mac Jones, Florida’s Kyle Trask and Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond all moving on to the NFL.

There certainly are arguments to be made for Ole Miss, with the aforementioned players returning to take snaps in the coming season. Meanwhile, only Auburn (Bo Nix), Missouri (Connor Bazelak) and Vanderbilt (Seals) have full-time starters returning at quarterback, but their surrounding casts are a bit suspect. And who knows about Mike Leach’s Mississippi State and six-game starter Will Rogers?

He goes on to acknowledge that a newcomer could take the top spot, and, indeed, you have to consider Alabama’s Bryce Young a decent possibility for that, especially considering his surrounding talent.  But from where I sit, you have to like Georgia’s and Ole Miss’ place with regards to the most important position on the field.  I would give the Dawgs a slight nod in the overall department, just because there’s a little more depth behind the starter in Athens than the one in Oxford (plenty of rumors out there that Plumlee is going to wideout full time).

As an aside, can I just say that I’m somewhat amused at seeing the quarterback whisperer’s team at eighth on Towers’ list?


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12 responses to “Does Georgia have the best quarterback situation in the SEC?

  1. Down Island Way

    Having those 4 bottom feeders is keeping FU floating in that neighborhood, as with most turds in the bowl, they’ll sink…#FTMF (you won’t find me whispering that one)…

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  2. Tony BarnFart

    Does anybody believe Bryce Young is going to have anything other than an amazing season where they call him the best yet ?

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    Regarding Emory Jones, he is supposed to be super talented and a perfect fit for Mullen’s offense but he couldn’t beat out Felipe Franks and Mullen had to change his offense so he could play Trask over Jones.
    I am skeptical that Jones will perform as the Gators claim he will.

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  5. 69Dawg

    When is too many 5* QB’s a bad thing? See “Transfer Portal.”


    • practicaldawg

      It’s easy to think that after the Fields situation, but I firmly believe Kirby has adapted to the portal. I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about having a stacked quarterback room, especially now that transfer rules are so lax. On any given day, a great quarterback could leave, but an even better one could come in.

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    • 123 Fake St

      First world problems


  6. akascuba

    You can make a case for best QB room in the country too.

    I love his Matt Stinchcomb quote. Georgia has more options at wide receiver and an emerging tight-end position. Matt is someone I really respect. I love network’s segments that show him breaking down game film. Hopefully he’s using emerging to mean finally actually deploy that tight-end weapon.