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When brains collide

Me, a random dumbass blogger“… what strikes me as the most significant postseason decision in college football’s history.”

Kirby Smart, one of college football’s brightest coaches“With the potential of what’s been proposed … [it’s] probably the greatest change there has been in terms of major college football.”

Scary, ain’t it?


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My favorite ‘Bama player

Legend before he even plays in a game.


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Alex, I’ll take “Wut” for $200.

I mean… seriously?

Of course, YMMV.  Although I doubt it.


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It’s the friends we make along the way.

Well, dayum.  I’ve been doing this whole college football thing wrong all this time ($$).

No one has any delusions that a G5 team will win the national championship against what Alabama and Clemson are putting out every year. But college football has never really been about who holds up the trophy at the end. It’s the journey there and the hope that goes along with it. It is bad for the long-term health of the sport that the same handful of teams make the current four-team bracket. It’s not good that the Pac-12 is often out of the picture. It’s not good that half of the FBS could never pretend it had a shot.

It’s why expansion has been inevitable. It needs to be done for the good of the sport. It may not change who wins, but it changes what matters. It changes what we focus on and consider success.

Maybe on Earth 2, brother.  But on this planet, postseason expansion simply shows that college football continues to be what it’s been about for a while now:  chasing the almighty dollar.


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The knee, she jerks.

I get the hot take, click bait sense of purpose here…

… but can somebody explain the analogy to me?  ‘Cause I’m really not getting it.


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TFW you realize the receiver room is too crowded



A puzzling career at Georgia, to say the least.  A Smart favorite, Robertson was held back early because his blocking needed work, but even after that improved, his playing time never really increased.

He’s one of those examples of someone getting an extra year and using the opportunity to find a better opportunity for playing time.  Best of luck on that.


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