It’s the friends we make along the way.

Well, dayum.  I’ve been doing this whole college football thing wrong all this time ($$).

No one has any delusions that a G5 team will win the national championship against what Alabama and Clemson are putting out every year. But college football has never really been about who holds up the trophy at the end. It’s the journey there and the hope that goes along with it. It is bad for the long-term health of the sport that the same handful of teams make the current four-team bracket. It’s not good that the Pac-12 is often out of the picture. It’s not good that half of the FBS could never pretend it had a shot.

It’s why expansion has been inevitable. It needs to be done for the good of the sport. It may not change who wins, but it changes what matters. It changes what we focus on and consider success.

Maybe on Earth 2, brother.  But on this planet, postseason expansion simply shows that college football continues to be what it’s been about for a while now:  chasing the almighty dollar.



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  1. Kirby gets dinged constantly for not having won a national championship while the rest of FBS has to fundamentally change the structure of the playoff so that other teams can even have a chance.

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  2. The mental gymnastics these idiots have to engage in to rationalize their positions is ridiculous.

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  3. chicagodawgfan

    The writer of that article is probably one of the proponents that thinks everyone in sports should get a participation trophy, sheesh

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  4. gastr1

    I think you’re right, Senator, about the ultimate bottom line being the bottom line, but I think from the players’ and/or coaches’ perspective there’s a case to be made for CFB being traditionally more of a participation trophy sport.


  5. NotMyCrossToBear

    Hey Vannini (whoever the hell you are ), it is good that the PAC-12 is often out of the picture. I’ll tell you why. It’s because they suck.

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  6. Listening to defenders of playoff expansion, they truly believe it affords more opportunity…for something…and top players may even migrate to teams that can qualify in 10th or 12th place while out of the other side of their mouths they admit nothing will change at the top and it’s just us cynics who say it’s all about the money. So “yay!…a group of 5 team gets to appear in the “playoffs” so life is better. Got it.

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  7. Greg

    “Money”??….yes, it always will be.

    but somewhat agree with him and hope they do go to a 12 team format. they have to do something, cause the other bowls are DEAD. At least there will be more interest and probably some upsets on the way.

    “any given Saturday”

    It will give more teams hope….maybe even one like Georgia. They may have even better off to just have left it all alone (2 teams), but they started this mess…..guess they need to dig their way out.


  8. classiccitycanine

    If it’s all about making people feel good, they should have never replaced the bowl system with a playoff. The bowl system allowed everyone who had a decent season the opportunity to close the season on a high note with a win.

    It seems like the sportswriters are all in on playoff expansion, but they’ve tied themselves in knots trying and failing to justify it. I’m tired of being told I’m the stupid one who doesn’t get it for opposing playoff expansion.

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  9. gotthepicture

    Welp, that’s one guy who just screwed any chance he ever had of working for ESPN.


  10. Down Island Way

    What is this Earth 2 you speak of, I am not familiar with your earth customs Bluto, my ship has been circling the heavens of this Sanford place, I have listened about that UGA tight end catching pigskin, this is new to my world also, please explain….

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  11. 81Dog

    I dont know why we keep score, really. It’s not about the competition, it’s about friendship and inclusiveness.

    What’s next? The rosters don’t reflect society?

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  12. Derek

    Can you say you had a real college experience if you don’t get destroyed and embarrassed before a national audience? Let’s do it for the kids. The Notre Dame football team members should have no exclusive right to a high profile beatdown of epic proportions.

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  13. ASEF

    I… what the hell?

    The argument about the national title drives a shitload of media columns and focus (because: lazy, larger audience), but it’s been largely irrelevant to the actual fan experience up til now. Beat the schools next to you, anything above that is gravy. Bragging rights down at the barber shop. Potluck watch parties in the backyard with a lot of beer. I grew up around a lot of avid fans who never, in their wildest dreams, thought their team was going to win a conference title, much less a national. Kentucky fans. Vandy fans. Wake Forest fans. Tech fans. You know, 90% of college football programs.

    National Title Club has always been a very small, very select group. A few former members have lost their access cards, and a couple of new ones have taken their place. Nebraska becomes Clemson. Everyone else just, you know, wanted to have a good time, win the border wars and rivalry games, and enjoy watching a hated National Title Club member trip over its own dick every now and then. That was the sport. And it was glorious.

    P12 football was more popular out that way when it wasn’t incessantly measuring itself against SEC or B1G depth and trying to chase TV dollars and “national respect.” You know, when they treated it like a sport rather than a commodity. (And when USC wasn’t hiring a bunch of former football heroes to run their athletic department into the ground.)

    Basic Expansion Advocate Theme: College football will be a lot more fun when it’s exactly like all the other sports.

    Dumb-asses, all of them.

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  14. They could expand the playoff to all 130 FBS teams and it wouldn’t keep Bama and Clemson from being in the final four, at least not until Saban and Dabo hang it up.

    The 12-team field will get people excited for a couple seasons, maybe three, before they realize it’s the same powerhouses playing for the title and the other eight teams have only been thrown in there as cannon fodder to sell more ad slots.

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    • Derek

      Why all this dabo love?

      Didn’t you see his team trot out the first pick in the draft and get hammered by OSU?

      Didn’t you see them go to ND and lose with a back up? We didn’t lose at ND with a back up.

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      • Not really my point. The point is that the same elite-level schools are going to excel in the playoffs no matter how much they expand the field. If people are getting bored seeing the same teams in the final four, guess what, they’re going to stay bored unless anyone seriously thinks a two-loss Oregon or TCU team is gonna trip up one of the perennial powerhouses.

        And you know what? I’m ok with that. If Bama, Clemson, tOSU or, hell, UGA really is the best team in the country two or three or five or seven years in a row, they should be crowned as such. But don’t tell me we need to arbitrarily throw eight more teams into the playoff mix to figure that out.

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    • rigger92

      Well, it’s not Dabo, it’s that Fl State or Miami did’nt hire Sark. Or that top recruits don’t look to the ACC.

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  15. 69Dawg

    I can understand the Bama love but the Dabo love-fest is a mystery. Hell, they should get through the ACC like sh*t through a goose. Even if Miami and FSU get sort of back, they are no matchup for Clem’s son. Clemson will be top 4 without even breaking a sweat. They should be judged by if they make the spread not by just sneaking by now that Norte Dame is back to it’s independence.


  16. rigger92

    Upon further review, where was this nut job 15 years ago? I totally get the conference TV deals and am thankful for seeing our team on the tube every weekend. I am not ok with the recent “An SEC team or clemson will win it every year but let’s at least try to get more conferences a chance”. The “chance” is there for the taking, again, it ain’t “feelings ball”. Do it, or don’t.


  17. archiecreek

    No comments about the Floriduh shoe throwers??
    Would the ditch lizards have gotten in an 8 game playoff last year??
    Asking for Vannini’s friend??

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