When brains collide

Me, a random dumbass blogger“… what strikes me as the most significant postseason decision in college football’s history.”

Kirby Smart, one of college football’s brightest coaches“With the potential of what’s been proposed … [it’s] probably the greatest change there has been in terms of major college football.”

Scary, ain’t it?



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  1. KornDawg

    Confirmed-CKS reads this blog.

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  2. Castleberry

    If the 12 team format was in place since ’01, we’d still be rolling with CMR. This change will add a new level of job security for Kirby IMO.

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  3. Derek

    If the effect, as Kirby suggests, is that cupcakes aren’t good for you, this change will have a thin silver lining.


    • Big silver lining, IMO. Anybody who’s a fan of the MRO (Meaningful Regular Season) ought to really like Ohio St, Oklahoma, UCLA more than the patsies we’ve been playing the past few years.


      • You don’t get it. The ND series was set up under CMR. We’ll see if this works in a season where we have 3 losses because we played two high profile OOC games, Fech and an SEC schedule.

        The committee hasn’t demonstrated to this point whether quality losses will be a positive. Maybe in those seasons it slides you in as the 11 or 12 seed.

        I actually think this will take future scheduling the opposite way. If I’m 10-2 or 11-1 in the SEC, I know I’m in. If I’m 9-3 and not in the SEC championship, at best, we’re the 10 or 11 seed.

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        • Tony BarnFart

          Afraid i have to agree with this. Nobody is pissing on our SoS as long as we play Tech and just another P5 with a pulse. (not that i want that, i don’t)…. but now, we’ve got some future NonConfs with 3 big boys on tap. I love it personally but you’re also gonna have the argument if we’re in the cusp that “we already know how georgia would do against oklahoma and clemson” (if those two end up as good as advertised and edge us out)


        • Tony BarnFart

          The teams that are really going to have to beef up their non-conf street cred for the proverbial cushion will be MWC and AAC.

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        • If we have 3 losses, we’re probably not Natty contenders anyway. But we will have played a much more meaningful regular season.


          • Huh? You would rather have 3 regular season losses (2 of which weren’t necessary) and miss the playoff than be 10-2 or 11-1 and in the playoff.

            I doubt Kirby or any of the powers that be in Athens agree with you.

            You say we’re probably not natty contenders any way. If that’s the case, why expand to 12?


            • rugbydawg79

              Just beat the hell out of florida and this dog is happy. that is #1 we do that and I am happy with where the chips may fall


    • Russ

      Yeah, see my reply below. I’m not convinced. If we lose to a tough team and miss the playoffs because of our record, we’ll pick up cupcakes to make us sweeter for the committee to following seasons.

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      • Derek

        Thats why I led with “if.”

        Kirby is calculating that we’ll be rewarded.

        I’m not at all sure you’re wrong. It would be nice if you were.


        • Tony BarnFart

          At the end of the day i say just do it anyway because it’s the RIGHT thing to do. I want to win a natty, but i also want georgia to play meaningful opponents as much as possible. And this helps ameliorate a potential waning interest in the reg season.

          There will likely be many a year we make the playoff and come up just short. So in that sense it doesn’t really matter whether you lost to clemson, ou, et al in september or december. At least this way, we’re fortunate enough clout wise (for scheduling) that we are making our own seat at the table in september. #ShootersShoot

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  4. Ozam

    Rarely does the law of unintended consequences impact the NCAA and it’s member institutions in a positive way.

    One thing I am pretty sure will occur in the next 5 years is more direct payments to players. It’s the elephant in the room.

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  5. rigger92

    Well, you’re both right, I guess. Depends on how CKS used the term “greatest”. As in “awesome” or “biggest”? Maybe from his point of view it is awesome. From my point of view, it’s just a ploy for more eyeballs on the tournament, like, maybe 2 million people west of the Mississippi might watch their teams get beat to a pulp.


  6. practicaldawg

    If only there was a Barnhart chaser here

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  7. Russ

    I’m still not convinced this will result in tougher schedules. As soon as an 11-2 Georgia team is left out to make room for a 12-0 Coastal Carolina, those games against Clemson and Ohio State will be changed to Furman and Ohio University in a heartbeat.

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  8. Sweet D

    I think while you two may have arrived at the same conclusion, it also strikes me that it may be from different directions. I’m not so sure Kirbs sees it as a negative.
    I also strongly feel like his increasing the schedule strength for future years was a response to the 4 team nature of the playoffs. The new 12 team environment may require a different calculus.


  9. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the upgraded schedules have zero to do with the playoff and everything to do with retaining season ticket holders, their contributions, and ticket purchases? As a season ticket holder, I LOVE it. I’m putting up with the last vestiges of the McGator-ization of the schedule for those future home and home series.

    When all else fails, follow the money.

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  10. ZeroPOINTzero

    Kirby is an avid reader of the blog. His handle is Derek.

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    • rigger92

      Oh gawd. Insert “worlds colliding constanza “


    • Down Island Way

      GTP vs CKS…worlds collide, there is no place to hide, the titans of UGA football are in an all or nuthing playoff expansion struggle…a fight to the national title, to be numero uno in the Dawg Nation, life as we know will never be the same…


  11. 69Dawg

    Titanic (regular season) meet Iceberg (playoffs). Bye


  12. siskey

    Playoff appearances will be the college football equivalent of basketball teams reaching the Sweet 16. Which should but probably won’t lead to less coaches being fired.


  13. SoCalDawg

    I’m totally against this expansion at all, much less to 12, but Caldwell from Coastal quoting Shawshank in the last line is klassik . . . the odds for CCU winning it all and Andy reaching seemed about the same I guess.

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  14. RangerRuss

    “It’s a mistake”
    -Colin Hay


  15. whb209

    I did not see where Kirby liked it, he just said it was a big change.
    The Coastal coach can tell high school players anything he wants too, but he
    has no better chance of winning a NC with a 12 team field as he does when not even making the playoffs. Other words, none.
    I do not like a 12 team format. I played in 13 games as a senior in high school and it was a challenge, to say the least.
    1966-67 while at UGA I can not even imagine having to play 13 to 15 games.

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