What’s in a position name, anyway?

All that talk about switching Arik Gilbert from tight end to wide receiver?  Eh, who cares.

… Too fast for a linebacker and too physical for a corner, Gilbert lined in as a slot wide receiver more than any other position last year for the Tigers (46 percent of snaps). In the slot, Gilbert caught 17 passes on 27 targets for 156 yards, including three explosive plays, on an average depth of target of 8.6 yards.

Call him whatever you like.  Whenever I see him in a formation with Washington, I suspect I’ll be enjoying what’s coming.



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  1. Russ

    Hit the books, young man! I want to see you on our field this fall.

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  2. When these guys are on the field at the same time with some combination of Burton, Jackson, Smith, Jacksaint, Blaylock, etc. especially with Cook in the game, it really is a case of pick your poison. With this type of personnel, you really have 3 unicorn type of players in the game at the same time.

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    • aim260

      I’m really curious to see how Jacksaint fits in. That video of his one-handed catch from a few months back still resonates. He could easily crack the starting lineup by mid-season, he’s that kind of talent.

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    • MGW

      I think we’ve got a sturdy enough two deep in the skill positions to sub frequently and run some DB’s ragged. They might get a few seconds break every time we sub, but very few teams are going to have as many competent DB’s to rotate in as we have reliable WR’s.

      We got accustomed to seeing a bunch of big runs break in the second half in 2017/2018, and I think we’re going to see something similar with the WR/TE’s this year. We lost our biggest star WR, but we have so many who are “just very good,” plus some stud receiving TE’s.

      I liked enough of what I saw as far as scheme all year last year, and as far as actual production the last four games to finally feel like we’ve got the coaching to actually take advantage of the QB/receiving assets we have. And good luck ignoring our run game.


      • I just really like with the grouping of Cook, 0, Gilbert, and 2 wideouts that you can run inside or outside zone, 4 verticals with Cook as a check down (or wheel), or shift to 5 wide based on the look.

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      • originaluglydawg

        Those CBs aren’t going to feel like they’re catching a break on runs if Z is rumbling towards them with a full head of steam. This season is shaping up to be about the O line. If they can get the backs into the second level on a regular basis it’s going to be a bruised up and tired secondary by the second half.
        This is what we call “setting the table for the Big Dawg to EAT!”..


  3. rugbydawg79

    Throw in Fitzpatrick and Bowers for a big boy package. We might even RTDB. Pick your poison indeed !

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    • Down Island Way

      The UGA offense will be whatever the d is giving at the time or the UGA offense will be whomever is open on passing situations or the UGA offense will a 50-50 mix cause the opposition d is really tired from chasing all those open WRs or the UGA offense will be putting up some kinda fun numbers/stat lines depends on how far away CKS stays from the coaches box upstairs….no rat poison allowed here…

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  4. spur21

    Assuming everyone stays healthy any projections on the numbers this offense can or will produce?


  5. Definite Dawg Porn thinking about Mr. Washington lined up at TE and Gilbert in the slot with Zeus at RB…my only concern is that the O line gels by Sept 4th, and becomes elite or at the very least reliable

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  6. If JT can get comfortable just playing pitch and catch for 6 – 8 yards every time it’s open then we’ll be unstoppable. It’s too quick of a route for a DC to blitz, zone is too soft to stop it, no one can play man on these guys. Chicks dig the deep ball, but let’s have Tom Brady type precision in running the offense and pick our long shots when they’re there, not forcing it. Racing Smith across the slot like KC does will further frustrate D coverages. Then they go Dime and we RTDB at will.

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  7. akascuba

    Getting people open was not the problem last season. Making accurate throws was. Assuming good health there is no reason this offense does not rewrite the team record book. There has never been this much talent on offense in my lifetime.

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  8. DawgFlan

    I want to see UGA with higher points per game than UNC, and similar yards per game averages. Yes UNC is in the ACC, but our talent in the SEC is still superior in relation. We should go into every game expecting to score at least 42-45 ppg. Our defense will hopefully give us better field position, but we should still be trying to get over 525 ypg to feed all these athletes. What UNC has done on O is impressive and I want us to duplicate it in the SEC along with a nasty defense.

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  9. 69Dawg

    I have the urge to smoke after this post Senator, for some reason.

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  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    …I suspect I’ll be enjoying what’s coming.”

    Amen to that. The other team can only double so many people at one time.

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  11. K H

    So, with all this talent, does one believe in Todd Monken and his play-calling? Granted, a few three and outs with that talent, will everyone be screaming for his head?


  12. practicaldawg

    What a time to be a 5’10” CB in this league. Which giant are you are going to sell out to cover?


  13. ASEF

    Gilbert has the talent to be All-Pro some day. The question I have: how dedicated is he to the craft? Route running? Timing? Because those things separate a guy who can make some highlight plays from a guy who can change a defense’s math every play.

    I have no idea how committed he is to football. I just know the evidence for his commitment to some other things at this point would be scant.

    Hopefully that receiver room brings out the best in him.