Just curious to hear from the faithful:  you buying this set of rankings?

First of all, if the first sentence is really the standard, how do you leave Alabama off the list?

As far as the local team goes, I think what I’d say is that, while the home crowd has had its moments on and off through the years (last five minutes of the 2013 LSU game, the 2019 Notre Dame game down the stretch, etc.), it’s certainly not a constant.

What do y’all think?



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  1. I think LSU is the undisputed leader here. Can’t quibble with the other Death Valley, Penn State, A&M, and Wisconsin being on this list. After that, it probably depends on what we’re actually talking about. Ohio State, Oregon, and Oklahoma just seem like they’re good and their fans aren’t remarkable. VaTech is spectacular at night and Oregon State might suck but it’s my understanding that few places get as raucous as Covalis. When the program isn’t a flaming pile of garbage, Neyland feels like a Boa Constrictor of noise. My sample size is limited, but it seems Auburn is more rowdy than Florida – and Florida isn’t really all that special to begin with.

    I don’t know, this one seems super subjective.

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    • Faltering Memory

      I’ve been to Camp Randal, never would have occurred to me to put W on this list. “Jump Around,” give me a break. That’s all many of the fans wanted.


    • californiadawg

      Florida seems way too high. I think watching that insufferable fanbase do the goddamn chop in unison the entire game gives one the perception it’s louder than it really is.


  2. TAMU makes sense to me, but leaving Alabama off this list destroys all credibility. Florida benefits from the design of the stadium and the acoustics and the feeling the fans are right on top of the players (but the fanbase is fickle and will leave when it feels a deciding score has been made). No argument with LSU, I’ve always slightly envied how those fans show up for every game, lubed up and ready to scream until vocal cords are scarred. I feel like Georgia should be higher on this list now, but it wasn’t always that way. The improvements to the stadium have really made Georgia more intimidating – and it plays especially well on TV. I felt we were drifting towards a wine and cheese crowd a la Texas, because we are snobby about how much cooler our town was than anyone else’s, but – inexplicable South Carolina loss notwithstanding – Georgia certainly feels and looks imposing for a team given any kind of puncher’s chance against it. As for the B1G10, I’ve only been to one game – Ann Arbor and it was their conference opener – and it was surprisingly subdued. Maybe Beaver Stadium is different, but fuck those guys.

    As for the rest, these lists are lame and the intimidation factor depends on the product on the field. A CFP-contending Ole Miss would be just as insane as any school anywhere if Jr. puts together a defense to match his offense. Tennessee SHOULD be near the top of this list every year, but…product on the field, and all.

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  3. Tony BarnFart

    Remember when Tennessee would have been 1B to LSU ? They need to just bite the bullet and make that place a comfortable 75,000.

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    • Down Island Way

      As with most dumpster fires, let it burn itself out, what you got left over is your dumpster seating….no matter what, LuLu and Junior still need 5 season tickets for their seating arrangement…

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  4. gotthepicture

    So most of this data is from the 90s-early 2000s, but out of the places that I have been (all SEC except LSU prior to A&M and Mizzou additions) + Clemson & GT.

    Florida – Granted we got our asses whipped and it was in Spurrier’s hay-day, but that was the loudest and most hostile place I ever experienced a game. One of those endzone section is 3 levels stacked on top of each other and the students were there and it was a wall of sound.
    Tennessee was the most intimidating simply because it was so huge and I do remember a few bottles being tossed.
    Bama – I don’t remember it being that hostile or louder than others, but their stands with the exception of a few frat sections were completely filled 45 minutes before game time. Those fans didn’t mess around, which was the opposite of Sanford at the time when the student section didn’t fill until almost at the end of the 1st Qtr.

    Clemson might be 3rd or 4th on that list, but I don’t remember having a much of a “wow” feeling there as the other schools above.


    • Tony BarnFart

      I agree, very accurate representation of my college days, early 2000s. Bama was somewhere between Auburn and Oxford on the hostility meter… and about 20,000 seats fewer than they are now. Tennessee was absolutely terrifying for an opponent. Winning there in 2001 was about the equivalent of going into Bryant Denny today (with a 2nd yr coach) and pulling out a win.

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  5. theotherdoug

    My Gator loving brother in law says the Swamp isn’t a tough place to play anymore.

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  6. aucarson

    You don’t just walk into ANY SEC stadium and expect to get a victory.

    Auburn learned how to get loud back in the 80s before the second upper deck was added. The 1989 bama game set the bar.

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  7. akascuba

    Leaving Alabama off the list shows it’s worthless. The fans are very nice outside inside not so much. Comparing both Death Valley stadiums it’s not close. The mistake by the lake is not a top ten hostile environment. Never felt intimidated especially while dangling my keys to the home crowd as they filed out.
    For big games Sanford can be very loud. To bad our home schedule does so little to give us the opportunity to see big games in Athens.

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    • RangerRuss

      Yes sir. That Clemson stadium wasn’t very intimidating in aught three, now was it?


  8. That list is about being inclusive. BDS should definitely be on that list over multiple stadiums.


  9. Ran A

    We are really talking about crowd noise and coordination and passion – not how good the team is. I do not know how you leave Bama, Auburn and UTjr. off that list. Heck, even South Carolina is higher than Oregon and they would push Ohio State. It’s a PC list – trying to keep other conferences relevant in the conversation. Kind of a joke… They should do a weakest… I can give you three right out of the gate. FSU, Vandy and Georgia Tech.

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    First thing to note: the tweet says “for 2021.” Even with that caveat, Alabama has been hostile for more than a decade and remains that way now. Auburn may not be that hostile this year, but when they’re a top ten team it’s as hostile as any stadium I’ve seen.

    Never really thought of Sanford as being hostile. Our fans (especially alumni ticket holders) ad a pretty docile unless it’s the pinnacle of matchups.

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  11. Normally I’d say take off WI…but having gone to Camp Randall a couple times and seen how their fans treat the visiting team and fans, when nothing is on the line…you Yankees are crazy…exhibit A….shitty Rutgers

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  12. ben

    I don’t know how you leave Jordan-Hare off this list. That place is like an asylum when the lights come on at night.


  13. jcdawg83

    Honestly, I’d say any stadium that seats more than 60,000 can be a tough place to play if the opponent views the game as a “big” game and the crowd is into it. Kentucky in 2019 when the game was for winning the East was loud and hostile and Commonwealth stadium isn’t exactly known as a rival to Death Valley when it comes to tough places to play.

    Sanford can be as loud and as hostile as anywhere else if the opponent and the game warrants it. I think the idea that Georgia fans are a wine and cheese crowd and not very hostile comes from the fact that we are generally treated to a crap fest of a home schedule and Georgia fans are smart enough to know not to get worked into a frenzy over mediocre opponents.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Underrated game at Sanford on the hostility front: Boise State, 2005. It was as hot as a typical game in columbia and the crowd was feasting on the opponent’s misery that just compounded by the noise and heat.

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  14. originaluglydawg

    There’s LSU and then there’s every other stadium.
    Now if Bluto will do a poll on the top ten most miserable places to attend a game, I believe South Carolina would finally be number one at something.

    Hearing that screeching buzzard is even worse than hearing the idiots at Tennessee playing Rocky Top five hundred times each game (although, the number has been noticeably declining in recent years).

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    • jcdawg83

      When it comes to miserable experience attending a game, South Carolina and tech would be locked in a never ending struggle for the number one spot.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, I’ve been to all the SEC stadiums and LSU was the most intimidating by far. Awesome place to play, and the loudest crowd I’ve ever heard. Literally made my ears ring and I’ve been to a ton of loud concerts in my day.

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  15. PTC DAWG

    This list starts and stops with LSU….

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  16. Not sure how you create this list without Alabama and Michigan…


    • originaluglydawg

      As someone stated above…the list is meant to be inclusive and not hurt any areas of the country’s fee fees.
      It’s PC and BS.


  17. The Decider

    In case anyone gives a shit, which I don’t think y’all do, Bama is 29-9-2 at Tiger Stadium.

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  18. bucketheridge

    I suppose something like this list: makes as much sense as any to answer this question. It is possible to compare how well teams do at home as opposed to on the road. That could also be an indication that some teams are just bad road teams, but it’s worth taking a look at either way.


  19. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Like most of you I think this is a pretty subjective ranking. LSU is clearly right, but if fan delusion is a ranking factor, South Carolina should be in the mix. Ten years ago I’d have questioned Penn State, but since my daughter moved there I have realized that there are two main cultures in PA – Philadelphia and its suburbs (and to a lesser extent, gentrifying Pittsburgh) and the rest of the state which I have come to call PennsylBama. They are basically West Virginians, and those guys burn couches. It means more in the SEC, but we don’t have a lock on crazy. 🙂


    • bucketheridge

      Dylan Dreyer’s Booty, you’re channelling James Carville who famously stated:

      “Between Paoli and Penn Hills, Pennsylvania is Alabama without the blacks. They didn’t film The Deer Hunter there for nothing – the state has the second-highest concentration of NRA members, behind Texas.”

      The official name is “Pennsyltucky”.


  20. whb209

    In 1967, the UGA freshman team played at Florida, Clemson and GT.
    the Swamp (not called that in 1967) was the loudest place in which I have ever played. The second loudest place was GT on Thanksgiving day (maybe 35,000 fans).
    We played Auburn in Athens (stadium held about 35,000 fans) and that was third on my list. On the field, Sanford stadium has never been the loudest. That has to do with construction. Fla. is built straight up with concrete and it echoes. Regarding Clemson (again maybe 30-35000 fans), I have played high school games with fewer fans that was more hostile and louder than that stadium (not impressive at all)


  21. kevinsauer

    where’s NDSU?