TFW you’re doing playoff expansion wrong

I know Andy Staples is juiced for playoff expansion, but I’m still amazed someone who actually went to the University of Florida could write this with a straight face ($$):

But with 12 playoff spots up for grabs, simple math says there should be more games that sink teams’ CFP hopes… In 2020, the result of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party ultimately would have decided which of Florida and Georgia would start the Playoff at home and which would go on the road.

If you need a playoff seeding battle to get up for the Cocktail Party, Jack, you dead.



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15 responses to “TFW you’re doing playoff expansion wrong

  1. akascuba

    You forgot to include Jack’s last name. That would be Ass.
    It’s the dark dog days of CFB journalism until fall camp starts.
    For him along with all FU alums and fans a hearty FUMF.

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  2. Down Island Way

    2020 is dead and gone…2021 Cocktail Party results might just keep FU outa’ the picture…#FTMF


  3. Staples is a douche, but what else would you expect from a Handbag.

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  4. OK, hear me out.

    The premise above says the cocktail party was for a home game, and based on the rankings at the end of last season, Cincy 8, Georgia 9 that seems to be true.

    But lets get to reality for a minute. There is a committee in there driven by money. Are they going to put a game in Athens, 95000 people or in Cincy, 45K with much less demand to drive ticket sales?

    Guarantee you if last year was already the 12 team, they would have opened the doors and declared Georgia 8, Cincy 9. (COVID notwithstanding).

    That will be the next great G5 argument…..we need a guaranteed home game.

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  5. gotthepicture

    Maybe someone can remind Andy how the 2020 version of the quarterfinals went for both Georgia and Florida.


    • APT

      @gotthepicture – apples and oranges. Saban was right about how the major bowls have lost their standing and importance – just look at all the opt outs. That Gator team that played Oklahoma would have struggled against lowly Tennessee with so many players opting out…and that’s on them. Bowl games, unless playing for a national title, are meaningless to today’s players. UGA played against a Cinci team that made a Big 6 Bowl – an historical peak to that program … and wanted to be there. Dangerous opponent for any P5 team that fell short of aspirations to make the college playoff.


      • We had a number of opt outs as well. With Stokes, Campbell and Webb, we shut them down. We had a lot of young guys playing.

        The Handbags haven’t caught the grief that we did for our failure to show up against Texas.


  6. The irony of a neutral site game deciding home field advantage.

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  7. sundiatagaines

    Man, that’s depressing.

    Here’s another version of that Staples quote: “All the things that we’ve loved about college football are now dead, and they’ve been replaced by the things that we love about the NFL. The NFL is awesome, so obviously everybody should be fine with that.”


  8. godawgs1701

    Andy Staples went to Florida? Well no wonder he sucks.


  9. Faltering Memory

    Considering what football means in California, mostly USC, what makes the world wide leader think this format will lead to more west coast viewers? Will they really watch after the one or two Pac 12 teams are eliminated other than their conference champ?


    • miltondawg

      I think you mean when their one or two Pac 12 teams, which will include their conference champ, are eliminated in the opening round.


  10. BuffaloSpringfield

    Well, the USCSR. did get a commitment from the Georgia DL man out of Columbus today. Quote “Bring the Best out West.” Perhaps the West will Rise again… They have to write something till preseason practice begins. There’s not a decent writer or announcer left. Staples been a handbag, is and always will be. He’s no different than listening to Beth Mowens doing SEC football on the SEC Channel or should it now be dubbed Mickey’s channel. Disney’s just making making Goofy more WOKE. Get used to it or try the radio again. That was my first memory of the Dawgs with Munson.