When it comes to playoffs, my bug is somebody else’s feature.

Honestly, I don’t know how to counter this.

If the beauty of an actual tournament is to render the efforts of the regular season a nullity, can I get a refund on my season ticket purchase expense?  I mean, what am I spending the money on, anyway?



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Look at the bright side Amigo. Anything that Notre Dame gets shafted out of can’t be all bad.


    • ND ain’t getting shafted. They’re pretty close to an annual lock to be in the top 12, they’ve got a home game to start the CFP every year they make the top eight and they don’t play a CCG, which means they’ve got a bye week built into December.

      Everybody should be shafted like that.

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  2. akascuba

    Clearly his view of the regular season and mine are polar opposites.

    I did see a CBS story stating CFB expansion would enhance the regular season experience. I wonder if Matt’s view is based on the current media frenzy to promote the playoff expansion meme.

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    • Down Island Way

      Maybe cbs isn’t done with college football, maybe arky was # 1 seed in cfp, i still wouldn’t GAS, maybe nd gets a lifetime invite to cfp and is a lifetime 1st round loser… maybe monkeys might fly out of my butt…(2017 is still sho’nuff sweet to this guy)…


      • I could see CBS going after NBC’s contract with ND especially if they only want a game a week. Throw that in with the service academies and possibly the American.


    • jhorne2000

      It won’t be enhanced. That feeling of losing a game you shouldn’t have will never again feel as bad with a 12 team playoff. (It’s already not as bad with a 4 …)

      The big wins won’t be as big of a feeling as before , because now you gotta beatem twice, and , you didn’t have to beat them the first time. So what was the point of even playing it ? (Or watching)

      Senator gets it right on this one. This change is going to suck if it happens.

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  3. jhorne2000

    Nothing to disagree with you on here. Maybe there is a tad of amusement that this particular change in the sport is over cooking your grits.

    This probably means more NIL money for the kids, rising tide and all, right? And, With 12 playoff teams , more kids than ever can transfer without penalty to a playoff team! There. Two more bright sides.


  4. gotthepicture

    On Josh Pate’s Late Kick last week, he went off on the CFP, but the magic was the Muschamp FOI emails at the end paired with the CFP discussion. Basically, we want to coddle inept ADs and pay them more do be mediocre, instead of them stepping up like the 5-7 programs in the country who are taking care of business… 2 of those which are in the 4-team playoffs every year.


  5. Ran A

    I see Forrest Gumps mom may have to make another appearance. “Stupid is as stupid does”


  6. paulwesterdawg

    The playoffs bring more eyeballs to the regular season broadly speaking. For the 120 teams, more of them will care about football to a greater degree longer. And that’s good for the sport broadly speaking.

    But for top 10-15 teams, it brings down the value of each game. For the reasons the Senator said.

    It’s sports socialism. You take excitement and drama from the rich and give it to the mediocre. You make it harder for the rich to win a title while the mediocre or poor make it easier to participate.

    The only reason it’s not communism is that the rich are getting paid more for the trouble of making life better for the poor.


    • classiccitycanine

      They haven’t made it harder for the rich to win a title. The same superpower programs are going to monopolize the semifinals and finals that do in the current format.


  7. TEXBaller

    Where can I place my bet on Bama (football) in best 2 of 3 v ANYBODY????


  8. DawgStats

    Reg season wasn’t a waste. They earned a #1 overall and hosted a regional and got beat. That’s what is great about a tournament. I knew this tweet was gonna come up 🙂


  9. Former Fan

    The regular season use to be a defacto playoff. It is too bad we have and are losing that.

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    • godawgs1701

      It was what made college football unique. Every game was the sports version of life and death if you wanted to win it all. That’s gone now.


  10. DawgStats

    You know my opinion on that.

    If we still believe that it was de facto playoff- the committee should have left OSU out in 2015, Bama in 2017, and ND out last year.

    And the BCS should have left Bama out in 2011.

    The playoff will be a sea change. But the regular season perfection was gone a long time ago is my argument.

    The post season has sucked for a long time now.

    For every Iron Bowl – that folks seems to anticipate as irrelevant (not conceding it ever will be – with Home Field and byes on the line ) there will as many as 8 games at end of regular season that will be bonkers.

    Can I interest you Egg Bowl for an 11 seed?


    • If we still believe that it was de facto playoff- the committee should have left OSU out in 2015, Bama in 2017, and ND out last year.

      And the BCS should have left Bama out in 2011.

      Before this latest iteration, there was no requirement that a team had to be a conference champ to play for a natty or that it was even a factor in seeding, so I don’t get your argument here. Especially when ‘Bama won the title in two of the seasons you list.


  11. godawgs1701

    College football was the last American sport making an honest effort to try to crown the season’s best team as its overall champion. Granted, they didn’t always get it right, but the effort was there. That effort’s dead and buried once the playoff expands past four teams, but we can certainly still tip our caps for them trying for so long.

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  12. beatarmy92

    To these bracket lovers the regular season is akin to the NFL preseason. Meaningless warmup lightly used for seedlings in the all important postseason tournament.


  13. Comin' Down The Track

    Football Fever! Catch it!


    • What are supposed to do about the SEC home schedule? When McGarity forced us to take one for the team with the Auburn series by going to JHS twice (I still don’t know why that was necessary), the schedule got screwed up. We traded more frequent games with Bama, LSU and Ole Miss for a home and home with Missouri when the powers that be wanted a larger TV package. We can’t help that Arkansas has been a disappointment, South Carolina has fallen on hard times, and Kentucky has never been a football power.

      We’re playing Clemson at a neutral site and Fech at our other home field. UAB is a pretty darn good Group of 5 opponent. Charleston Southern is a joke, but I don’t think we should play FCS teams unless it’s an HBCU that brings their band.


      • Comin' Down The Track

        Playing the only good teams that you play at neutral sites each year is stealing from season ticket holders, not to mention, the Athens economy. I mean, at some point, what even is the motivation for buying season tickets?


        • I’m not a big fan of the opening neutral site games, but if your comment is specific about Jacksonville, I disagree with you. As a season ticket holder, I don’t go to Jacksonville, but I never want that game moved to home and home.


          • Comin' Down The Track

            Oh, no, yeah. I was really just talking about the showcase games that should be a home and home reward to those of us who have season tickets and have to roast in the heat for a noon kickoff to Directional State Whomever Tech.
            I do occasionally get to JAX, but that’s not a hill I’m interested in dying on. I especially don’t care one way or the other about that. It’s been there my whole life except that one time which… wasn’t great. LOL


  14. TripleB

    I don’t think the expansion will have as bad an effect on the regular season as some fear. More teams will be in the hunt for a longer duration, so more games will matter. Currently, most teams are “out” before the season starts, and most of the rest soon thereafter.

    The most popular sport in America is the NFL, which has constantly expanded its playoff but continues to grow. Now don’t get me wrong, I like college a lot more than pro, but it ain’t because of the regular season. Its because of the close affiliation I feel for UGA. Hopefully, I will always care about us versus them (i.e. FLORIDA, Auburn, Tennessee, etc.) regardless of the playoff implications. Similarly, I will never care when we play a cupcake other than to check out how our players look in anticipation of the next big game. I might end up liking it that UGA will usually be in the hunt under the new system.

    There are three things coming down the pike that will change the landscape of college football: (1) the transfer rule; (2) NIL rights/compensation, and; (3) playoff expansion. Of the three, I am least worried about the expansion.


  15. Clayton Joiner

    I personally don’t take any issue with the facts of his tweet, but his attempt to link the 2 doesn’t quite sit well.

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what size the tournament, there will always be someone left out, and quite likely a favorite that gets knocked out.

    Anyone can say whatever they want, but the current set up makes conference championships a playoff round. (Except when the committee thinks they know better than the results on the field…see PSU & OSU), but in the SEC that has 100% been the case.

    Anyway, I believe 2-Pac said “can’t please ’em all, all the time”, and as the Senator has said, 12 ain’t going to be enough for a number of people.