In sickness and in health

This gives a whole new meaning to the term “dead period” ($$).

The NCAA is investigating whether the Arizona State football program hosted high school prospects during the recent COVID-19 dead period, and possibly other recruiting violations, The Athletic has learned.

It’s unknown how many prospects Arizona State is alleged to have entertained during the COVID-19 period or when they might have visited. Per one source, the school’s athletic compliance office recently started interviewing staff members. A former athletic department employee said some people in the football offices are concerned about losing their jobs.

“ASU can confirm the NCAA is conducting an investigation regarding allegations related to our football program,” Arizona State vice president of media relations and strategic communications Katie Paquet said in a statement to The Athletic. “In accordance with NCAA bylaws, the university cannot provide further comment at this time.”

What makes this really special is that half the coaching staff, including head coach Herm Edwards, tested positive for COVID-19.


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13 responses to “In sickness and in health

  1. ben

    For some reason, if you asked me which school would do this, I wouldn’t have thought ASU, but that should have been number one with a bullet.

    I actually passed on interviewing for a job out there out of concern my kids could accidentally end up at ASU, and I don’t regret it at all.


  2. reipar1

    So they were safe to host recruits since they already had it.


  3. Sweet D

    Because of the top athletes coalescing around the top programs, I can see the pressure to keep up or gain some kind of advantage for those programs in the next tier. They can’t stand idly by and watch themselves become irrelevant.
    Just gotta do gooder than that tho.


  4. godawgs1701

    I’ll make a joke as soon as I have it triple confirmed that Kirby wasn’t doing the same thing…


  5. sniffer

    Shenanigans or Tomfoolery?


  6. Biggen

    There is probably some “grey area” with the hosting of recruits during a dead period. I mean, potential students are free to visit the campus at any time.

    We will see if it turns out to be anything. It will take the NCAA 2 years to conduction an investigation anyway.

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  7. ASEF

    When an SEC school does something like this to catapult themselves into a top 10 class and pick up a couple of future first rounders? Bill comes due, but at least you pick up a couple of Ws over some big boys along the way.

    When a P12 does it to crack the top 50? L.O.L. If you’re going to get fired over it, GO BIG.