Mama, I got ‘dem selection committee blues.

Somebody’s saying something that’s music to Kirby Smart’s ears ($$).

“People need to play good games and not worry that one loss to a formidable opponent ends that team’s chances of getting into the Playoff — or two losses.” said Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione…

Sure thing, Joe.  I’m sure all those ADs who need the revenue from those home cupcake games are gonna jump all over your suggestion there and start loading up on non-conference home-and-homes (like Georgia is, admittedly).  Also, pay no attention to the fact that no two-loss team has made the CFP so far (although, admittedly again, that becomes more likely filling a 12-team field).

I will believe in this brave new world when Bill Hancock insists the committee won’t take it into account.  Just kidding… I think.

By the way, the article mentions that there is talk to expand the selection committee “to gain additional perspectives”.  I mean, why not?  It’s nice work, if you can get it.  Although they’re gonna need a bigger hat rack.


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  1. All I have to say about this is we’ll see. Maybe SoS bumps you from #9 to #8 to host a play-in game. Maybe it gets you the last wild card spot over a Washington 2016 type of schedule. Are they going to reward a 1-loss conference champion with a couple of high-profile OOC wins who is sitting at #2 with the #1 seed over a team who rolled through a season undefeated with a weak non-conference schedule? Doubtful.


  2. gurkhadawg

    A 2 loss LSU team made the BCS championship game in 2007 and won it. I know it wasn’t the “Playoff”, but still…


    • Not sure why Playoff is in air quotes there, but whatever.

      In its own way, the 2007 season was as big an outlier as 2020. Doubt we’ll see it’s like again, which is a damned shame.


      • gurkhadawg

        I put Playoff in quotes because I assumed you were just referring to the 4 team playoff that we have had in the past few years. Even though the BCS was not called a playoff, I think most people would call it a playoff. I agree that 2007 was a crazy ass season that probably won’t happen again in my lifetime. The exception that proves the rule.


    • Because there was only 1 1-loss team in 2007.


  3. originaluglydawg

    If sos becomes a large determining factor, Clemson is going to need to schedule some NFL teams.

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    • I looked at the GACC’s upcoming OOC schedules. In the years that Notre Dame doesn’t show up on the schedule, they are playing 1 high Power 5 program plus South Carolina.

      2023 – ND
      2024 – UGA (Atlanta) plus App State
      2025 – LSU
      2026 – @ LSU
      2027 – ND
      2028 – @ ND
      2029 – UGA
      2030 – @ UGA
      2031 – ND
      2032 – @ UGA
      2033 – UGA
      2034 – @ ND
      2035 – OU
      2036 – @ OU
      2037 – ND

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      • Of course, if Miami and FSU got their collective $#!+ together, Clemson’s road would get a lot more difficult.

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        • miltondawg

          I don’t ever see Miami football becoming the Miami of the 90s or early 2000s again. FSU I can’t explain other than coaching since Jimbo left and facilities which are reportedly not in line with big time programs. I’ve never been to FSU, but my wife and son went to look at the school when he was looking at colleges and my wife wasn’t impressed. Pretty sketchy areas a block off of campus.


          • Miami hasn’t gotten the head coach right since Butch Davis (I love CMR and he had some early success, but things fell off quickly). While Diaz may not get Miami back to their prior glory, purely from a recruiting standpoint, Miami should have a roster that can compete with anyone.

            If we thought the powers that be at UGA weren’t rowing in the same direction pre-Kirby, FSU is in even worse shape. Similar to Richt post-Murray, Fisher had some QB recruiting busts. Their facilities are behind. Throw in the disaster Willie Taggert was.

            Athens has plenty of sketchy areas a couple of blocks from campus especially close to high-rise freshman housing.


      • Down Island Way

        Crootin’ could be enhanced with UGA football undefeated vs one of those big names coming to Sanford or even on the return visit, big game exposure from Mickeys time slot plus cfp implications…


  4. TEXBaller

    Joe has nothing to worry about — OU gonna run the table this year. They are fucking loaded and with a soft schedule.


  5. akascuba

    Conference champions are in. I believe that is cast in cement as a selling point to all concerns. SOS will always be a talking point starting on College Game Day broadcast whenever it helps ESPN get the teams needed to attract the most viewers. Jim Harbaugh approves this idea.

    If you happen to be a head coach for a school like ASU your screwed if you don’t win your conference. The rodeo attracts more attention than their games. Just try to change the hotel bar TV channel to a CFG if you want to start a bar fight. Don’t ask. If there is one place that wants to schedule Georgia again I’m sure it’s the bar owners in Tempe.

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    • miltondawg

      Lol. I was there for that. I, like thousands of other Georgia fans, must have been told a hundred times if once by bar and restaurant owners that they’d never seen anything like it.


      • We were there as well (even though we didn’t go to the game). It was a pretty incredible weekend to see and hear Bulldog Nation take over the Valley of the Sun.


  6. Tony BarnFart

    I suppose there are 2 sides to the coin…… at 2 or 4 teams in the post-season, it seemed like many were compelled to take a risk and beef up their scheduling for the proverbial beauty contest. With 12 teams, I could see a lot more risk aversion. What would be the argument that 12 teams pushes for a beefed up schedule ? That we as Georgia could have 2 SEC losses, not appear in the SECCG, but that potential wins against Clemson / Texas / OU / FSU / Ohio State in the regular season keep you in the Top 12 ?

    What’s a more likely route to the playoff ?
    1. You have general success in the SEC, winning the title and/or lose 1 game or less while going undefeated against a manageable non-conference schedule with nobody truly in your weight class, even if Power 5 ?
    2. You lose 2 SEC games but somehow managed to go undefeated in a murderer’s row non-conference schedule ?

    Clearly, I’m biased towards 1 as seemingly being the path of least resistance. After all, you can’t avoid your own conference foes. I’m scared this is going to lead to a world of mehhh non-conference scheduling, where slightly better than Auburn’04’s ridiculously pathetic schedule safely gets you in as long as you take care of business vs that which you can’t avoid (your conference schedule).


    • Generally, most schools are following the 1 Power 5 scheduling model. Schools like Florida and us who have a traditional P5 OOC rival are generally going to a 2 P5 model. We’re taking it one step further starting in 2016 with 3 P5 opponents per year. We’ll find out whether beefing up OOC schedules is a benefit pretty quickly.


      • HirsuteDawg

        From a fan perspective, I’d rather Georgia play P5 opponents vs the little sisters of the blind. A team should be rewarded for that vs staying home and playing cupcakes (AU and Fl)