Musical palate cleanser, 12-string guitar and harmonies edition

From the great Children of Nuggets collection, here’s Sweden’s finest, The Sinners, with “Barbed Wire Heart”, featuring two things that always make my musical heart go shwing!.

Man, that chorus…


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, 12-string guitar and harmonies edition

  1. Salty Dawg

    I like it! The intro reminds me of The Beatles, “Day Tripper” and it’s got a good beat, I can dance to it!

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    • otto1980

      Agreed, I went to Ticket to Ride.

      Interesting mix in the song which could fit in a few eras but not entirely which is great. I’ll look up more of their stuff.


  2. stephensj587536

    Has a Searchers vibe. I love it. I’ve never heard it. A new favorite for me just like that Dolly Vardeman song you posted a while back. Thank you for posting these Senator.

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  3. Scotty King


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  4. Dawglicious

    Oh, wow, that’s good stuff

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Your Musical Palate Cleanser posts broaden my musical horizons and keep me semi-young. Thanks,


  6. BuffaloSpringfield

    The intro almost could be from The Beatles “She’s got a ticket to ride.”

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  7. poetdawg

    I love it! Never heard of these guys but I’ll be looking up their stuff. It was almost as if Mike Ness was writing lyrics for the Byrds or Searchers, although I won’t disagree with the Beatles comparisons.

    Having a lousy month, this is just what I needed Senator. Thanks.

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