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Moar win totals

Here’s a link to an ESPN article listing the regular-season win totals (not including conference championship games or bowl games) from Caesars Sportsbook by William Hill.

You can check out the whole thing, but I thought I’d show the numbers for the SEC:

  • Alabama 11.5
  • Georgia 10.5
  • TAMU 9.5
  • Florida 9
  • LSU 8.5
  • Ole Miss 7.5
  • Auburn 7
  • Kentucky 7
  • Missouri 7
  • Tennessee 6
  • Mississippi State 6
  • Arkansas 5.5
  • South Carolina 3.5
  • Vanderbilt 3

Can’t argue too much with what I see there.  I do sense that LSU is trending up slightly, which I think is right.  With all their personnel losses, I don’t get the Vols winning six, but maybe that offense is going to make up more ground than I think.

And I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but what do you suppose the reaction in Columbia would be if Vandy won more games than the ‘Cocks?



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Everybody’s talkin’ at me

I’m picking Saban to go first and Dabo to say something aw, shucks stupid.  Whom y’all got?


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Today, in chicks dig the long ball

So do I.


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TFW the transfer portal gives you a bad case of butthurt




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The good old days

Boy, talk about your blast from the past ($$).

Kirby Smart, for all of the games that he’s won at Georgia, is under intense pressure to win now. Adding transfers like Derion Kendrick will certainly make the 2021 squad better, but I haven’t heard much about if this is the right thing to do morally or ethically. Kendrick was kicked off the Clemson team for discipline issues BEFORE being arrested on drug and gun charges just three months ago. I feel like under Mark Richt a player with that history would be untouchable. For all that you could say about Richt, he always did things “the right way” and displayed class at all times. Is the pressure on Kirby to win now causing him to lower his standards on who puts on the silver britches? I hate to sound so self-righteous, but I also have two degrees from the school hanging on my wall.

Georgia fans fretting about the football program doing the ethically moral thing takes me back.  Missed y’all.  In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t heard this take more often.

Next thing you know, we’ll have folks waxing nostalgic about Jimmy Williamson.


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“The transformation continues to take awhile.”

That observation is how Pete Fiutak begins his preseason take on Georgia Tech and it almost feels like understatement.

How bad has it been? The Yellow Jackets have lost 16 games over Collins’ two years. 14 were double-digit blowouts and one was to Citadel from the FCS. There has yet to be a win over a team that finished with a winning record, and counting the end of the Paul Johnson era, the program is on a rough 3-18 stretch.

Okay, it is understatement.

Fiutak sets the season win total at four.  It’s a pretty good bet, with at Miami, Boston College, at Notre Dame and Georgia, none of those will be logged in November.

Sounds pretty Chantastic to me.


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NCAA delenda est.

If you want to know how badly the NCAA has screwed the pooch on player compensation, well…

Yep.  There apparently is a Congressional consensus to give them a limited antitrust exemption in the context of coming up with a global solution on treatment of college athletes and the NCAA is either too stubborn or too stupid to take the outreached hand and work something out in the name of future stability.

The NCAA deserves to have itself burned to the ground and the earth salted in its absence.


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Musical palate cleanser, like you were never gone edition

Man, Del Amitri released their first album in **checks notes** nineteen years (!) and it’s about as seamless a continuation as you could possibly imagine.

Justin Currie obviously has no more fucks to give… which is a good thing.

By the way, if you’re a Del Amitri fan and the video seems familiar for some reason, you’re not wrong.


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