NCAA delenda est.

If you want to know how badly the NCAA has screwed the pooch on player compensation, well…

Yep.  There apparently is a Congressional consensus to give them a limited antitrust exemption in the context of coming up with a global solution on treatment of college athletes and the NCAA is either too stubborn or too stupid to take the outreached hand and work something out in the name of future stability.

The NCAA deserves to have itself burned to the ground and the earth salted in its absence.


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2 responses to “NCAA delenda est.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Not giving them an exemption for retroactive cases? Sounds like the plaintiff’s lawyers are contributing heavily to their personal Congressmen to keep the existing cases and contingency fees alive.

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  2. The NCAA at this point deserves whatever happens to it. I don’t know if companies get a retroactive exemption to defend itself in existing cases. If so, I guess the NCAA should as well. If not, I see no reason why the NCAA should get that luxury. It’s not like a new organization couldn’t spring up to replace the NCAA if it fails.

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