“The transformation continues to take awhile.”

That observation is how Pete Fiutak begins his preseason take on Georgia Tech and it almost feels like understatement.

How bad has it been? The Yellow Jackets have lost 16 games over Collins’ two years. 14 were double-digit blowouts and one was to Citadel from the FCS. There has yet to be a win over a team that finished with a winning record, and counting the end of the Paul Johnson era, the program is on a rough 3-18 stretch.

Okay, it is understatement.

Fiutak sets the season win total at four.  It’s a pretty good bet, with at Miami, Boston College, at Notre Dame and Georgia, none of those will be logged in November.

Sounds pretty Chantastic to me.


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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles


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  2. 81Dog

    This makes me giddy with joy. Looking forward to another mediocre turnout by the pencil necks at the Joke in late November. Between taking over the Joke and Vandy, it’s like 2 extra home games! 🤣

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wasn’t Chantastic better than that? Ole Reggie even made the World’s Smallest Cocktail Party one year. Lost to Wake Forest (WAKE FOREST!) in a game that had no touchdowns, but did feature Reggie’s usual three picks.

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  4. akascuba

    Any day Tech loses is a great day for America.

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  5. jcdawg83

    Collins was born to be head coach at tech. He is the classic combination of weirdness, rudeness, low class and arrogance that defines tech students, alumni and fans.

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  6. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Nerds would be happy with a team that was Chantastic now. Turkey Neck/Fish Fry/The Johnson ran that program right into the side of a mountain after losing Gailey’s players. Jeoff may be raising the talent level, but I imagine his act is starting to wear thin with the crowd over there.

    Thanksgiving weekend is going to be fun. Kirby might have to start pulling UGA students out of the stands to finish the games to protect the walk-ons for SEC championship game preparation.

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    • Down Island Way

      There is no joy in nerd football winning 4 games, zero wins is the ultimate goal, conference only games last year will only make this season’s kirb stomping worth the wait…what’s that you say, vandy first, anchor down then, 50 for the good guys at half time…

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      • I went to Richt Field at Vince Dooley Stadium in 2019 and exorcised the demons of my other visit there in 1989. I’m going back if at all possible to see what could be a beatdown of epic proportions.


    • The benefit of all this (and the addition of the engineering school at UGA) ensures that the next Calvin Johnson likely goes to UGA instead of Fech.


  7. practicaldawg

    I would also add that their conference is at the lowest level I’ve seen in its history. Their competition has never been worse, and they are still awful.

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    • That’s the thing. If they had not hired Fish Fry and gone and gotten a coach who could recruit, they may have built a program that could be competitive over the long term. They made the assumption that Johnson could take his system with ACC quality talent (don’t laugh) and be a thorn in the side to Georgia, Clemson and Florida State. What they didn’t realize is that talent had no desire to play in or practice against the triple option system.

      Johnson could win a bunch at Navy because he was getting guys who knew what they were getting into. They were going to play football, gets quality education and go serve after graduation. At Fech, he didn’t have that luxury. As a student-athlete who could handle their academics (Joe Hamilton chuckles), I can go to Stanford, Northwestern, or Duke among others and get the same quality of degree with better preparation for a potential football career as well.

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      • jcdawg83

        The myth of tech “academics” being a hurdle to signing good players went out the window a long time ago. They have majors like public policy, industrial management (general business) and history, everyone isn’t in engineering. Their entry requirements for student athletes are the same as pretty much every other school.

        They have a hard time signing top talent because tech is a shithole campus in the middle of the shithole that is downtown Atlanta and the student body is a bunch of nerds, Asians and hideous women. It think tech could do better signing athletes if campus visits weren’t allowed.

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        • Darin Cochran

          Oh, come on man….you’re being a little hard on the tech campus here, aren’t you? I mean, on any given night, you can stand out on the balcony of a Tech dorm, and through the enchanted low-hanging clouds of smog, if you listen closely, you can hear the faint sound of a .9mm echoing across the prestine rolling hills of the Perry Homes Housing Project. And on a special night, you might even get to hear some poor woman’s screams as she is being assaulted, resounding through the mystic and heart-warming valleys of garbage-filled, alleys covered with trash and graphite. How can we compete with that in the classic city?

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  8. RangerRuss

    Piss on those nerds.

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  9. BuffaloSpringfield

    But, but Geoff looks sooooo eh Fechy if his hoody. Trendy even.

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  10. DawgFlan

    The rambling wreck that is tech took a turn off Highway Chantastic, speed limit 7 wins, and accelerated unto ramp Johnson, launching themselves temporarily to higher elevation and wins, only to realize a bit too late what was obvious to everyone else – a la Wile E. Coyote – that they were hurtling over a ravine with no chance of making it to the other side, and no bottom in sight. As they continue their descent into the canyon of irrelevance, they may convince themselves that they are closing in on UGA, but it is only a 15 ton red and black anvil accelerating toward them, sent to crush souls and drive the program deeper into despair.

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    • jcdawg83

      It seems that going the triple option route in FBS is a lifetime commitment. After a few seasons, there isn’t any going back.

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  11. Russ

    Scattered and smothered!


  12. Ran A

    I really believe that if ole Geoff fails, that they may be forced to drop down a level.


  13. siskey

    On the College Football Daily podcast, Collins was interviewed by the host and said in regard to his time at Temple that they “won a ton of games.” Temple was 15-10 in the two years that he was there and lost to Villanova in 2018 and UConn in 2017. He is a hell of a coach.

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  14. jacopojpeterman

    16 losses in only 22 games, no less.

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  15. 123 Fake St

    Slow and long wedgie.