“We need to pass new rules.”

Now Mark Emmert wants to take action on NIL compensation.

So, the man himself’s gonna take the bull by the horns if the membership doesn’t get off its collective ass and pass something.  Wonder how that’s going over.

Talk about a bunch that deserves each other…


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12 responses to ““We need to pass new rules.”

  1. akascuba

    Keep rearranging those deck chairs Mark. The hell with that NIL iceberg full speed ahead what could possibly go wrong with leadership like yours.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’s kinda got that Chip Diller, “Remain Calm” vibe going.

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  3. Instead of spending time going to Congress to beg for an antitrust exemption, a real leader would have been spending his time with his members and their student-athletes finding a way to get this done.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Too busy busting a player for signing “A” jersey and letting the Johnny Manziels of the world get away with a marketplace. Like a crooked cop busting the guy going 2 mph over the speed limit and letting the goons run the town.

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  4. Faltering Memory

    Key words – “real leader.”

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  5. 69Dawg

    NCAA really are gamblers waiting on the Supremes’ ruling. Like playing Chicken with a semi-truck, you might have a chance but it don’t look good.

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  6. Gaskilldawg

    So Emmert is going to come up with a workable plan in 11 days when his organization couldn’t in 2 years? Attaboy.

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  7. chicagodawgfan

    It’s a good thing they just awarded him a nice, lucrative contract extension or else he might lose his job. Eh, who am I kidding…

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    • aucarson

      He should have issued that memo the day after his contract extension and the immunity he received with it. Why did it take so long? Maybe the office intern had to finish final exams first?

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  8. That memo would only have been better if it started with: “It has recently come to my attention…”

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  9. Previously Paul

    It’s not against the law for student athletes to be compensated for NIL. It’s simply against NCAA rules. If I’m a coach in a state that hasn’t passed laws ‘legalizing’ it yet I’d be telling my players to go out and get their money. Then I’d dare the NCAA to do anything about it.