I could have played quarterback at the University of Tennessee…

but then I got high.  Again.

The updated tally for Kaidon Salter as a University of Tennessee quarterback is two marijuana-related incidents and zero practice snaps.

Salter, a four-star early enrollee from Dallas who was suspended for all of spring practice following a Stokely Hall confrontation in early March, was pulled over early Saturday morning in Knoxville along with three-star offensive tackle signee Amari McNeill. According to university police, Salter and McNeill were stopped for not having their tail lights on, and they admitted to having about four grams of marijuana.

Kid might as well enter the portal and transfer to Colorado.


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11 responses to “I could have played quarterback at the University of Tennessee…

  1. Down Island Way

    Seeing what’s in front is good, there is always someone sneaking up behind you…let that transfer university dumpster fire burn brightly, smoke ’em if ya got one…let’s brew some ‘smores while we’re here…


  2. akascuba

    Puff, puff pass it’s the new QB high way on Rocky Top.


  3. Godawg

    The Fulmer Cup is alive and well in Knoxvegas!


  4. MudCat's Mechanic

    At least he wasn’t butt chugging. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  5. CB

    Should be fine if he has the talent. Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield, Natrez Patrick all arrested early in careers all ended up fine.



    The legal age in CO is 21…..everyone seems to forget that. 4 grams equals less than .15 ounces…..moral to the story, keep your lights working on your car. Keep it registered and insured…

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  7. 123 Fake St

    Probably an eighth of beasters from Asheville. No need to drive around with that much. I thought all cars have auto lights now? Cut your lights on dummy.
    On another note, 10rc took in 9 transfers this year. That’s crazy.

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  8. 69Dawg

    If the UCF coach can make a team out of this group and actually win some he deserves Coach of the Year.


  9. Got Cowdog

    Do I have to say it…