NOW he tells us.


University of Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick agreed Emmert’s agenda has worked against him.

“The more you do, the more you stake out the bold positions, the more you make a target out of yourself. Lying low is not leadership, and that’s never been [Emmert’s] style,” Swarbrick said.


I swear, I don’t know how these people keep a straight face sometimes.


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14 responses to “NOW he tells us.

  1. What bold position has Emmert ever taken other than to not allow the Penn State crisis go to waste? Of course, all of that blew up in his face.

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  2. Ozam

    These guys are effectively paid lobbyist. They’re extremely well compensated to keep a straight face! 😐


  3. 69Dawg

    I’m speechless at this point.


  4. miltondawg

    In Swarbrick’s defense, more than eight years has passed from the first statement in 2013 less than two and a half years after Emmert started as president of the NCAA (though I’m not sure that I would have agreed with Swarbrick in 2013 after the Penn State debacle and the way the NCAA handled the O’Bannon case). Maybe in the last eight years Swarbrick has seen how paltry leadership from the NCAA has ultimately caused a situation today where the NCAA is constantly on its heels fighting off attack after attack and being reactionary rather than proactive.


  5. mddawg

    How do these guys eat with the constant flow of shit coming from their mouths?


  6. uga97

    ND Leadership: Accusing non-leaders for being non leaders, while simultaneously laying low remaining an Independent, forfeiting millions in TV $$ by leg humping NBC, posting 3 Score+ post season losses as their on-field product?


  7. mg4life0331

    He’s getting a golden parachute anyways. Whatever costs he saved by prolonging and not doing shit is appreciated.

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  8. If I read that right, Swarbuck said of Emmett: He’s been a great proactive leader who has failed because if he had been silent he would have failed.

    I think that means Emmett is a failure…who got his contract extended.


  9. Harold Miller

    “Bold positions”? So, that’s what you call it.


  10. 86bone

    Piss on anything coming out of South Bend and the NCAA….why all of the Got Damn confusion man, the sport has been played for over 100 + years…11 on 11…it ain’t that hard! If it was this fucking complicated to tee it up and play 18 then golf wouldn’t survive…
    *Bull in the Ring
    *Stadium Steps
    *Two a Days
    Hot ass cheerleaders riding back from out of town games On The Bus with you…Come On Man, let’s keep it simple!

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    • Winning comment. The NCAA should have just had Ed Orgeron reading this comment as their response to every question at oral argument. “If I may be permitted to repeat myself. Hot. Ass. Cheerleaders. May it please the court. Thank you your honor.”

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  11. Wait, is Swarbrick saying Emmert got in trouble because he “staked out the bold positions”? Because he didn’t “lie low”? Emmert sat around and did precisely 1) jack and 2) shit for more than a decade on the player compensation front! Which NCAA president was he watching?

    Swarbrick did get one thing right, though—lying low isn’t leadership. But he and the other D-I ADs failed to demand any better.