O brave new world, that has such conferences in it.

You, a passionate college football fan:  what’s great about the proposed 12-team playoff is that it will encourage teams to beef up their schedules!  A real win-win for the fans!

The Pac-12, a P5 conference that sees the dollar signs on the horizon:  hold our beer.

Pac-12 athletic directors and incoming commissioner George Kliavkoff have engaged in preliminary discussions about significant changes to the structure of the football season as expansion of the College Football Playoff appears inevitable.

… However, a source indicated the 10 commissioners of Football Bowl Subdivision conferences strongly favor the format outlined in the current proposal: Automatic bids for the six highest-ranked conference champions, with six more slots allocated to at-large teams.

If adopted, the format would dramatically increase the likelihood of the Pac-12 participating in the sport’s showcase event but stop short of assuring a berth.

That detail likely will weigh heavily on the athletic directors and Kliavkoff as they evaluate options for the conference schedule and the future of the division format.

Scrap the divisions, and the first-place team would meet the second-place team for the championship.

A single 12-team league would eliminate the nightmare scenario in which, for example, a four-loss division winner with no hope for making the playoff upsets a two-loss division winner that would have qualified.

The lack of a guaranteed berth would also have repercussions for the regular-season schedule: Combine the nine-game league slate with at least one high-level non-conference game, and Pac-12 teams have a treacherous path to compiling the record necessary to qualify for the CFP.

“All the issues have pros and cons,” Knowlton said, “but they aren’t made in a vacuum. What does a 12-team playoff mean for playing eight vs. playing nine?”

Hey, he’s just asking.



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10 responses to “O brave new world, that has such conferences in it.

  1. spur21

    Imagine – Bama goes undefeated with a 3 point win over an otherwise undefeated A&M. Bama faces an undefeated UGA in the SECCG and loses by 3 points. All 3 have a legitimate claim to be included in the playoffs however one of 3 will not get chosen because so and so “deserves” a shot to play for a natty even with 2 or possibly 3 loses. This is going to be a circle jerk.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Even worse: suppose we had A&M on the schedule and lost by 3, but still won the SECCG in the way you stated. All 3 have 1 loss in a 3-way round robin. In a 12 team format, I think you easily see the two non-champions make the field.

      But what if you also had a 1 loss Florida (loss to UGA) sitting back as well ? Yes, you could quite conceivably end the SEC season with four 1 loss teams.


  2. GruvenDawg

    This is why I would like to see the old BCS formula to get 1 vote for the football selection committee. It would expose the other voters to what a non biased opinion looks like. The other option is to use the formula as the 12 team determining factor rather than the current selection committee

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    FFS, there’s 12 spots to fill and they’re STILL worried they won’t get in!? Dude, just give it up. Go to the beach, put the wetsuit on, and sit on a surfboard all day.

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    • 123 Fake St

      Seriously. 😆
      There are going to be some awful teams make the playoffs. And nobody should be bitching when you don’t get in.


    • SoCalDawg

      Agree. And I live here FFS.


      • SoCalDawg

        and I’m atypically a pac apologist. if they go to 12 team playoff, which I will hate, if pac is still trying to “guarantee” a spot, screw that. even with 9 game conf schedule. will lmfao if they start scheduling weak OOC, which is what they rattle my cage about. . .exposed. again.


  4. GruvenDawg

    To be fair I think they are going to investigate pod scheduling rather than 2 divisions and dropping the 9th conference game requirement since the ACC and SEC didn’t adopt the 9th conference game. Its smart and would guarantee PAC 12 team #1 vs PAC 12 team #2 in the championship game. That increases the likelihood of the conference winner being selected as one of the automatic bids. In some cases they will be able to sneak in two teams.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the SEC didn’t investigate pod scheduling prior to the 2024 contract implementation with Mickey.

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  5. 69Dawg

    So are the Group of 5 Champs in on the 6 autos if ranked higher than a Power 5 Champ? Why the hell would the Power 5 agree with this. Just make it Power 5 ranked by CFP position get in and the Group of 5 Champs likewise leaving one spot for ND and one other at large. Yes I know this would screw the SEC out a multitude of spots but just seeing the committee
    and Mickey explain the slaughter of the Group of 5 teams every year would be entertaining.


  6. spur21

    Imagine the heads exploding if the SEC got 3 possibly 4 teams in based on rankings.