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Your Daily Gator is brimming with confidence.

Don’t tell me you couldn’t use a morning chuckle (h/t Tyler).

I apologize for my bluntness, but I laughed so hard today when I read some people saying that the Georgia Bulldogs will beat the Florida Gators this season. Florida football fans should laugh with me too.

Let’s start with the obvious: Florida is much, much better than Georgia. Florida and Georgia have split the last six matchups three and three, but the Gators dominated Georgia last season.

The reason he’s so full of… something?  It’s the defense, stupid.

Florida had a great offense, but their defense was a real issue. The fact that Georgia still couldn’t beat the Gators last season even though they did not have a great defense is hilarious.

The defense will be back in 2021, and honestly, they are loaded with talent. For starters, cornerback Kaiir Elam will be a top 10 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Elam is a star, and he is joined by the best freshman in the country, cornerback Jason Marshall Jr.

Those two cornerbacks, combined with the leader of the secondary, safety Trey Dean III will have a significant role in getting the Gators elite defense back.

Linebacker Ventrell Miller will likely be a first-round pick, and edge defender and former Georgia transfer Brenton Cox Jr. will be a monster for the Gators in 2021[Emphasis added.]

Um, does somebody want to tell him?  Not that it would matter — dude is so confident about his team’s breakdown he doesn’t even bother to mention Georgia’s.



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TFW you get screwed by a protocol

I can already hear the Kirby Smart lecture about getting vaccinated.  More importantly, his players will hear it, too.  More than once.

By the way, attendance at the CWS is 23,000 or so.  Fans aren’t required to wear masks.


UPDATE:  Greg Sankey was watching.

“I’ve got a new piece of video tape,” he told Paul Finebaum on Friday. “(ESPN’s) Tom Hart, Chris Burke and Ben McDonald right at 2 o’clock saying ‘We’re not playing.’ We ought to play that for every one of our football teams, our soccer teams, our volleyball teams who begin play this fall. That’s one real life illustration.”

Sankey would go on to say the SEC can not require its players and coaches take the vaccine due to the patchwork of state legislative actions within the conference footprint. But, much like the NFL isn’t making its personnel get vaccinated but is more than happy to make life difficult for those who aren’t, the SEC will be much less sympathetic and accommodating toward covid outbreaks in 2021 than they were in 2020.

“That limits some of our strategic steps to enhance the vaccination numbers. But what we can do is remove our roster numbers from last year — if you recall, 53 available players, a certain number of offensive linemen, defensive linemen, quarterbacks — and say, ‘You’re responsible to have a healthy team and be present at the scheduled time on the scheduled date to play.’ That very clearly says you’re going to have to adjust your thought process, your operations in order to make sure you play.”


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Today, in jealousy

UK AD Mitch Barnhart is quite the card.

The idea that the program run by the king of one-and-done puts a high priority on being a “relationship enterprise” (whatever the hell that’s supposed to be) is hilarious.

It’s also bullshit.  As Mitch no doubt knows.  So does Calipari, for that matter.


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