No doubt they mean well.

Doing it for the kids, 12-team playoff edition ($$):

Last week in Dallas the CFP’s Board of Managers, a group of 11 university presidents representing all 10 Football Bowl Subdivision leagues and Notre Dame, discussed the new 12-team proposal and greenlit it for further discussion. CFP leadership will spend the summer meeting with bowl and television partners to determine the feasibility of the new model and how soon it can take effect.

Commissioners and presidents have said they want to get feedback from current and former players about the additional wear and tear that would come with extending their season — a listening process that’s only happening after the favored Playoff model has been selected.

Sounds very open-minded.

Which doesn’t mean players aren’t thinking about what’s coming.  For example,

… But Perry speculates that load management could come to college football, with star players opting not to play certain games in November if their team has already all but locked up a Playoff spot.

“Or if you’re one of the last teams to get in, does somebody make a decision like, ‘Hey, I don’t know what our chances are in this game, but I don’t necessarily want to risk this when I know I’m staring at a $30 million contract in just a matter of months.’” Perry said.

No matter how big the CFP gets, there will always be business decisions to be made.  All that will change is the timing.


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9 responses to “No doubt they mean well.

  1. KingMackeral

    “CFP leadership will spend the summer meeting with bowl and television partners to determine the feasibility of the new model”

    Pffft — this has already been ironed out. All the discussions have been held, including logistical planning. This is simply planning the promotion and talking points.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Running a nationwide football league and playoff gets a lot tougher when you take free labor out of the equation.

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  3. atticus34

    Incompetency at all levels. Parents and kids are clueless too. Agents just laughing to the bank. Can’t wait for how this all ends…..get out the popcorn.


  4. I hope the conversation begins with the Alabama delegation starting with “How much are you paying us for the bye week?” and all Hell breaks lose from there.

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  5. 69Dawg

    So, like with the pros, we can expect teams ranked high in the October/November CFP rankings and with a weak end of year schedule to sit the 1st team guys and play the scrubs. I’m looking at you, UT, Charleston Southern, and maybe GT ( I would like to see us score more on GT than they scored on Cumberland but I guess that’s not going to happen LOL)

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  6. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. This will not end well for anyone. College football had much better participants 30 years ago. They would not have conceived the idea of not playing in a game for their team because they might get hurt or whatever else you can think of. Today in most participants minds it is more about me than we. It’s a shame.

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  7. HirsuteDawg

    Cut the wear and tear – eliminate the cupcakes and go to 10 regular season games. Of course Tenn and SC etc will only play 10 games but the big dogs will continue on with conf champ. and up to what – 4 more?