SEC strength of schedule rankings

Barrett Sallee ranks Georgia’s as the conference’s third easiest.

It won’t be easy for the Bulldogs right out of the gate, as they will travel to Charlotte to take on the mighty Clemson Tigers in what is the most heavily-anticipated game of Labor Day weekend. After that, it’ll be smooth-sailing for Kirby Smart’s crew. Arkansas is their rotating cross-division opponent, permanent cross-division rival Auburn is rebuilding under first-year coach Bryan Harsin and it’s not like intra-state rival Georgia Tech has returned to bowl contention. Even with a loss to Clemson in the opener, Georgia should run the table and could be double-digit favorites from Week 2 through the SEC Championship Game (depending on what Florida looks like).

It really is beautifully constructed.  The opener, win or lose, should establish Georgia’s bona fides as a national title contender.  From there, as Sallee notes, the Dawgs will be favored in every game for the rest of the regular season.  (It certainly helps that Georgia doesn’t face itself or Alabama.)  It’s a recipe for success.

By the way, somebody really hates Sam Pittman:  “The Hogs draw Georgia on the road as their rotating cross-division opponent, have a four-game stretch that has Texas A&M, Georgia, at Ole Miss and Auburn in consecutive weeks and face back-to-back road games at LSU and Alabama.”



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13 responses to “SEC strength of schedule rankings

  1. dawgtired7

    It certainly sets up nicely for us and I think we are up to the task. We better not stumble or the “under-achieving” noise will be unbearable.

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  2. Godawg

    Really feel for CSP. Great guy with a gargantuan task. I’m going to be pulling for them against those other teams. Maybe he can trip a couple up and get some traction on the recruiting trail. Wooo Pig Sooie! 🙂

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  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    I’m getting tired of this kind of implicit assumption out there that we are going to lose to clemson. We’re going to whip that ass

    To paraphrase erk “…like whipping clemson’s ass to start with, then eleven more, then 3 more after that…”

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  4. Ran A

    Think its bad this year for Arkansas. The good news – they trade South Carolina for Georgia. But her is the non-conference schedule:

    Sep. 24 Texas A&M Football Schedule
    vs Texas A&M Aggies
    AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX
    Time TBA ET
    TV TBA
    Oct. 15 BYU Football Schedule
    at BYU Cougars
    LaVell Edwards Stadium, Provo, UT
    Time TBA ET
    TV TBA
    Nov. 5 Liberty Football Schedule
    Liberty Flames
    D.W.R. Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, AR
    Time TBA ET
    TV TBA

    Now, there is a good chance that Cinci and Liberty will have new coaches next year and players will bail – but you have to believe that when this schedule was set up, that two of the three were seen as Cupcakes.


  5. stoopnagle

    Can you “DawgGrade” a schedule that easy? Asking for a friend…

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  6. Greg

    pulling for Pittman, he is definitely the right fellow for that program imo. they were a helluva program at one time…. probably year 3-5. Thinks they make it back before UT.

    Honestly, I really don’t expect them (UT) to ever make it back, they’ve dug too deep a hole.

    Not a more deserving school…


  7. Old Kirby would throw the Clemson game. Hyper-conservative, run into stacked boxes, only take a few deep shots, see if the D can hold Clemson close. Then roll through the season reminding everyone in the locker room they’ve got to get better.

    New Kirby needs to air this thing out. See if he can keep up in a big shootout with a 4th Q defensive stand. Then keep fine tuning.

    Can’t wait to see which Kirby shows up in Charlotte.

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  8. The ground work has been laid by recruiting exceptionally well and stabilizing your coaching staff…the schedule sets up for an easier path…now we need to see execution…Kirby will make Clemson his statement game…the new reign of UGA football dominance starts 9/4/21


  9. 69Dawg

    Just curb stomp Florida!

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