The Nix Mix

Demetris had better hope Mike Bobo is a miracle worker this season.

Yeah, that worked out well.


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  1. The fact that Robertson decided to transfer when there were potential snaps with a proven QB at UGA provides some hope that while Pickens will be missed (not convinced he plays this year), there’s plenty of talent.

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  2. Russ

    Well, I wish him luck (except when he plays us) but there were many better destinations. I would have looked at UNC with Howell, or if he wanted to stay in the SEC, go to Ole Miss or MSU. Both of them would get him the ball.

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  3. I commented on another post about Robertson’s choice of Auburn. Seems an odd choice to me. While there may be opportunity based upon WR depth, the QB and the whole team learning a new system seems an odd one to me.

    I would think there would have been better options than on the Plains.


  4. bucketheridge

    I despise Auburn, but that’s one of the worst and unnecessary cheap shot click bait tweets I’ve seen in a while. Much worse than the AJC’s Robinson story posted earlier.


    • Texas Dawg

      That was a shot at NIX not Robinson.

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      • bucketheridge

        I know very well who’s being ragged on, which is what makes it so ridiculous.

        Bo Nix may suck or be a jackass or whatever, but there is no reason to use Robertson’s transfer as a chance to jump into a twitter thread just to talk sh*t about Nix.


        • Is there something factually incorrect about the tweet?


          • bucketheridge

            i don’t doubt it’s accuracy at all. I just think it’s a flimsy pretense to get retweets. Other than wishing him well as a former Bulldog, no one really cares about where Robertson is playing, but if you piggyback on that news with even more reasons why Nix sucks, then you get attention.


        • Down Island Way

          That’s right, bo nix slept in barner p.j.’s and warm dreams of being on the field wearing tigle uni’s, then one lonely day bo nix got an offer to play football at his favorite wet dream…later on, he was a heisman candidate…the cesspool has risen to claim another lost soul…


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Watched last year’s Auburn game a day or so ago. When it happened last year I thought “we clobbered Auburn – this will be a great year’. But then, as the year wore on, I realized clobbering Auburn was not that much of an achievement. It’s a pitiful situation, almost UT-like. I hope Drob doesn’t have too much buyer’s remorse. Just enough that we win again.

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  6. Scotty King

    One of the biggest bust ever (in a bad way). LOL.

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  7. poetdawg

    My recollection is that DRobb left Cal so that he could be closer to home. If that is the case then the barn, little US C, the barn with a lake, the ‘doers or the nats would fit the closest to home requirements. Of all of those the barn probably is the best fit.

    I wish him good luck, except when he plays us.