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There’s negative recruiting…

… and then there’s negative recruiting.

Can’t help but wonder if that’s gonna leave a mark.  Or if it will go up in smoke.



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I’m beginning to think I need to start a Your Daily Tiger feature.

Yeah, I know that unlike Florida, Clemson has a national relevancy of late, but still, dumb is dumb.  And this is a classic by those standards.

Yes, he’s using the 2013 game and Todd Grantham’s defense to make a point about this year’s game.  And there’s more where that came from in the message board thread.  That’s some incredible insight there; I may have to rethink my entire take on Georgia’s opener now.


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Meet me in the middle

We all know the current narrative about Kirby Smart.  Underachieving coach… if not this year, then when?… how long until Georgia fans put Smart on the hot seat?  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The essence of the narrative is that a coach who recruits like Smart does (and, hey, it’s  Georgia — really, shouldn’t any head coach recruit like that there?) ought to have more to show for his efforts than a mere three divisional titles, a conference title and a CFP semi-final win in the last four seasons.  Obviously this is a man who gets less production than he should from the talent he gathers.

So there’s little doubt that if you compiled a list of the biggest underachievers in P5 from 2017 on, comparing, say, Massey ratings with the 247Sports Composite rankings ($$) that Georgia would be among the worst offenders, right?

There they are!  Wait a minute… must have missed it… hold on.  That can’t be right.

Not only is the narrative dumb, it’s not even reality based.

If you want to see where Georgia actually falls in this metric, here you go.

There’s one last group worth addressing: the Power 5 programs that are exactly as successful as they should be. The list of programs whose four-year Massey ratings are right in line with their four-year recruiting rankings is an interesting one.

If you look at the full spectrum of Power 5 programsAlabama finished in the same spot in both rankings, obviously, as did Texas A&M and MissouriOhio StatePenn StateNotre DameClemson and Oklahoma are among the programs that have performed a tiny bit better than they should’ve been over these last four seasons, at least based on the perception of their recruiting.

And then GeorgiaLSUOregonAuburnFloridaTexas and Michigan have been a little worse, but not by much. Two of those programs paid massive sums this offseason to fire their successful head coaches in the hopes that somebody else can do better. That says plenty about the pressure at the top, doesn’t it?

By these measures, Auburn and Texas aren’t two of the worst underachievers in college football. But at schools like those, if you’re not winning at the highest level, you’re going to feel like one.

Or, in Kirby Smart’s case, made to feel like one.


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“Bryan Harsin is a thief from Idaho.”

Honestly, I don’t know if this is snark or straight…

Everyone loves a good black-hat villain in the SEC, and Harsin is wearing it today. On Thursday, Auburn’s football coach did something many longtime fans of the league would have once considered unthinkable. Harsin straight up stole a former five-star recruit off the roster of the rival Georgia Bulldogs.

Harsin walked into the Bulldogs’ receiver room this week, and left with a former freshman All-American. Demetris Robertson wore black and red in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry last season, but this fall he’ll be dressed out in burnt orange and navy blue. He’s the third transfer this offseason to go from an SEC school to Auburn, but the others were from Vanderbilt and LSU.

… because if it’s the latter, the entire piece is likely to be the dumbest thing I read all year, and, yes, I know we’re only in early July.

If you don’t think that qualifies, try this on for size:

… Georgia recently added a former five-star receiver from LSU, Arik Gilbert of Marietta, Georgia. Was Robertson addition by subtraction for Georgia, or will losing him to Auburn come back to haunt Smart and his staff like quarterback Justin Fields?

Tell me that has to be sarcasm.  It has to be, right?

Auburn needed a veteran receiver for Nix going into fall camp, so Harsin looked around and took one from Georgia like he was pulling a gold chain right off Kirby Smart’s neck.

Robertson, while extremely gifted, apparently didn’t impress Smart enough in practice over the last three years to earn more chances on the field.

Okay, maybe not.

At one point, he refers to Harsin as “this Bandit from Boise”.  He better hope he’s not saying that in a few years about Harsin’s paycheck.

(h/t 81Dog)


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