WTF happened to Mark Bradley?

It’s not that he picked Georgia to win the natty in his college football prediction piece.  Oh, sure, it’s a little weird, but not overly so.  It’s that he criticized the genius.

Albeit in a sort of backhanded way…

Georgia Tech is 6-16 under Collins, who has recruited at a higher level than his predecessor, though it would be hard to recruit with less oomph than Paul Johnson.

Dang.  It must a stung a little as he wrote that.



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20 responses to “WTF happened to Mark Bradley?

  1. 81Dog

    That IS weird. I meam, how many hate clicks can a guy get ftom Tech fans? Maybe he lost a bet or something.

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  2. spur21

    We like to poke Collins and his 404 nonsense but he is recruiting at nearly the same pace as Mullen.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      It’ll be harder to maintain at Tech than Florida. Plus, IMHO Collins’s recruiting is over achieving and Crabby Dan, long may he reign, is holding Florida back.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    He doesn’t have to suck up to Paul the Johnson for interviews anymore, so meh, Johnson is disposable.


  4. Down Island Way

    Oomph recruiting…some have tried, most fail…only nerdfootball could live in that neighborhood…(do miss me some fish fry)


  5. Teacher Martin

    Well that does it. If Bark Madly pick UGA we are in for it. The season will not go well.

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    • cowetadawg

      Bradley serves as the old reverse barometer when it comes to prognosticating the fates of local teams. Hopefully this is one of those broken-clock-right-twice-a-day moments for him.

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  6. Salty Dawg

    I only trust ‘Leonard’s Losers’ predictions! Until then, FTMF!

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  7. Didn’t he pick us to win it in 2008? Ugh.

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  8. Ran A

    6-6 is optimistic for Tech

    Northern Illinois
    Kennesaw State
    North Carolina
    VA Tech
    Boston College
    Notre Dame

    Georgia, Clemson, ND and NC are high percentage losses. So you need to find 6 wins out of the other 8 games.

    We’ll call Northern Illinois, KSU wins.

    You are 2-4 with Pitt, Duke, Virginia, VA Tech, Miami and BC, where you have to find 4 more wins. I just don’t see it.

    Very best case is 5-7 for this team and you can make a strong case for 4-8 or 3-9.


  9. akascuba

    It shows how desperate Mark Bradley is for readers. Printing a Georgia wins it all prediction in Atlanta is guaranteed to increase readers.
    It would be nice if this one time he was right and he had to cover the celebration in Athens. Beyond that FTMF and the AJC.

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  10. Comin' Down The Track

    It must a stung a little…

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  11. jacopojpeterman

    The “Collins is recruiting much better than CPJ,” thing is drives me nuts, because it’s irrelevant coming from the option. The triple plugs talent into a different “talent-to-success” algorithm than the rest of cfb (hamstringing recruiting in the first place so much that it wouldn’t even out for most programs).
    Collins runs some “normal” cfb offense so of course he recruits way better than CPJ, but now Tech’s talent’s plugged into the same algorithm as everyone else, so he has to recruit WAY better than CPJ to be more successful.
    I think I’m stating the obvious, but feels like Tech folks can’t help but think “we had stretches like 2nd-1st-2nd-1st in the division with classes ranked 43-53-70-54, so imagine what’s possible with these top-30 classes.” Even assuming Collins is at least an average culture/scheme coach, answer is… probably about the 30th best team in the P5.


  12. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Bradley is making sense in his own way there. The Genius didn’t win because of lousy players rather than a failure in scheme. And truthfully, the Genius did not recruit well. Only time Mark Bradley ever spoke the truth in his column about anything.