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Guess this was inevitable.

Get in line behind Green and Gurley, fellas.


UPDATE:  Minor detail alert!



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“Is this the year… doing it?”

Dial up this edition of the Andy Staples Show to about the 42-minute mark where he and Ari Wasserman discuss Georgia’s chances.  It’s a good conversation, particularly on Andy’s end, and it made me consider two things.

One, there is a not insignificant likelihood that for Georgia to win the national title this season, it could wind up facing both Alabama and Clemson twice and in so doing would probably have to win three of the four games.  I don’t care how mediocre the SEC East turns out to be, that’s a pretty tall order for any program.

Second, towards the end of that segment, they point out something that could be ironic for Georgia fans and pundits:  if Daniels enjoys a breakout season, do people look back in hindsight at the decision at Southern Cal to let him walk in favor of starting Slovis in the same way they’ve done with regard to Georgia and Justin Fields?


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Well, now… somebody looks like another S&C success story.


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Won’t get fooled again.




The JT Daniels Heisman hype may need to be tempered just a bit. Yes, he is a former five-star recruit and put together one of the best performances of the 2020 season in his debut as a Georgia Bulldog, but his outputs in the other three outings in addition to his past play are cause for concern.

As a true freshman at USC in 2018, Daniels ranked 118th at the position in PFF grade, 127th in turnover-worthy play rate and 129th in PFF Wins Above Average generated. He looked like the same player in the 2019 opener before tearing his ACL. Daniels then transferred to Georgia and didn’t see the field until Week 12 of 2020 due to both the rehab process and other players ahead of him on the depth chart, but he looked remarkably better.

Against Mississippi State that night, he earned a 95.0 PFF grade and made six big-time throws. Yet, Daniels earned just a 68.5 passing grade in his other three outings, including four turnover-worthy plays against Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl.

Daniels did look like a more polished quarterback in 2020 compared to his USC days, but any Heisman or top-five quarterback talk is still premature. While he appeared more comfortable, his pocket presence was still less than ideal, he put the ball in harm’s way and his accuracy waned despite a high completion percentage.

Until Daniels shows he can come close to replicating his outing against Mississippi State, he’s not in the top-tier quarterback conversation.

Honestly, it’s not the picking apart of his 2020 season I mind.  After all, it’s only a four-game sample size and Daniels does have some flaws in his game that need addressing.

What I do mind is how PFF has no qualms rating quarterbacks who have yet to throw a collegiate pass in anger, like Ohio State’s Stroud, and others who have limited sample sizes of their own with less to show for them, like Emory Jones, ahead of Daniels.

Eh, we’ll see how it all comes out in the wash in a few months.


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