Alex, I’ll take “Delusional” for $200.

Does anybody wanna tell ’em?


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17 responses to “Alex, I’ll take “Delusional” for $200.

  1. They are as dumb as Handbags.

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  2. HirsuteDawg

    Clemson is in South Carolina – you expect ignorance.

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  3. akascuba

    I suggest they ask Charlie Whitehurst about how openers against Georgia work out.

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    • They have beaten us once since 1990, and that in a game where our tailback strained a quad on the first play (a 75-yard TD where our best WR tore his ACL during the post-TD celebration) and we missed a glorified extra point FG. You would think they would have a little respect for us as an opening weekend opponent on a neutral field (and yes, it will be a truly neutral field).

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  4. Greg

    you’d think The Thundering Herd” would have kept him awake long enough to watch…….oh well, at least they decided to schedule a juggernaut instead of a Ball State or a Furman.

    They have that going for them.

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  5. Russ

    Keep posting this stuff, Senator. My Clemson hate had grown a little rusty lately. I’m going to enjoy the beating we put on them.

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  6. drunkenmonken

    I guess Danny Ford was wrong when he said the n in Clemson stood for “knowledge”


  7. ugafidelis

    He just wants clicks.



    Get a brain, Moran.


  9. Castleberry

    Curious how many of these long time fans would claim they saw Watson’s first TD pass? I know I did.

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  10. DawgStats

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  11. DawgStats

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  12. uga97

    Dont tell him, he’s not worth it. lets just beat the clempers.

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  13. One of the posters known as Mark

    One of my all-time favorite Georgia football games was the 2003 opener versus Clemson. If memory serves, we had 7 players suspended for that game, and wound up starting walk-on true freshman Tra Battle. Georgia won 30 – 0.

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