Musical palate cleanser, you can never go home again edition

It is with some trepidation that I share this news.

My head tells me that Stewart hasn’t recorded anything worth a damn in three+ decades.

My heart says:

I suspect this isn’t going to end well, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give a listen first.


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10 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, you can never go home again edition

  1. 81Dog

    9th grade me will always love Rod Stewart. We’ve all lost a step since then, but what the hell. Worst thing that happens is it’s mediocre and I just crank up some vintage Rod.

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  2. Rod went floating down that over-the-hill crooner river many moons ago. The trip back is definitely going to require swimming against the current, and he’s not as strong as he once was. Potential rip tides ahead.


  3. Bulldawg Bill

    In cases like this, typically the problem is not just recording the album. Problem is when they end up taking themselves too seriously in the process.Comes out in the end product every time!!



    Didn’t Rod deal with throat cancer of some type that has restricted his range? Or is my memory just gone at this point.

    I wish the guys well on this endeavor.


  5. Illini84

    I saw Rod, Jeff Beck, Ron Woods and Nicky Hopkins (Truth album) in October 1968. Blues De Luxe has always stuck in my head.

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  6. timberridgedawg

    Every Picture Tells a Story and the old Faces stuff allow me a bit of forgiveness for the train wreck of the Rod Stewart disco ball era and beyond.

    They’ll pry Maggie May out of my cold dead hands.

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  7. Last time I saw ol’ Rod, he was singing with tha beautiful kids with Mumford & Suns beer commercial…er sorry…his ‘love is’ video.


  8. SoCalDawg

    My buddy is Rod’s new(er) barber (I know, I know) — but to hear him tell it he’s really fired up about it and thinks it’ll be a success.


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