Oh, what used to be.

This one goes out to each and every Gator who loves to bandy about “1980” ($$).

Dan Mullen was prodded about the halcyon years, the ones that produced BCS hardware and a Heisman, the ones that set the post-Spurrier standard at Florida.

The question posed to him: Is it harder to win a national championship now than when the Gators did it in 2006 and 2008?

… But the difference in the league expanding from 12 to 14 teams hardly explains why Florida hasn’t won an SEC crown, much less sniffed a national title, in the past 12 years.

And Mullen knows it.

When he was the offensive coordinator, Florida was the king of college football back then. These days it is several seats removed in the line of succession.

“… several seats removed in the line of succession” is a nice turn of phrase, isn’t it?

And there’s this, about recruiting.

… There also have been a slew of five-star players that Florida loved and pursued and didn’t sign because of, well, Bama. Or Georgia. Or Ohio State. Or LSU. Or Clemson.

That’s a powerhouse list, and in terms of recruiting and roster depth, Florida no longer has a spot on it.

Pretty soon, all your Daily Gator is going to have is nostalgia.


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28 responses to “Oh, what used to be.

  1. Castleberry

    I remember the good ole days… back when I was into nostalgia


  2. Russ

    One of the more enjoyable articles I’ve read there lately.

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  3. theotherdoug

    “While the Gators’ brand resonates nationally…”
    That 5 star recruit was 5 years old the last time Florida was relevant.


  4. Got Cowdog

    While I prefer the nose and arrogance of the fresher and more vivid “Just got their asses beat” gator tears, sometimes the softer and more nuanced tones of nostalgic gator tears are ok, for instance on a rainy morning in the offseason

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    • That music made me think I was about to watch a vintage mob hit…I like the multifaceted Uncle Got…shows you have depth and perspective.

      Me, I’m a little too Old Testament…I want
      to see more wrath of God hit FU…weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth…that old chestnut

      Btw I discovered Dan Mullen and Toad 3rd&Grabass’s recruiting strategy video


      • Got Cowdog

        Don’t read too much into it, Frozen. Mrs. Cowdog is a bit of a wine snob, as are some of her friends so I get dragged along to tastings. They’re all the time yammering on about noses, hints, terrior, and whatnot. I have no idea what they’re talking about most of the time. What I do know is that Cabernet Sauvignon will stain a white tablecloth when it comes out of your nose because a grown man holding a stemmed glass pinky out declares he detects a hint of “taint” while you’re mid swallow, lightly buzzed, and not ready for such …
        Got (snoring and choking, eyes awater): …
        Pinky Guy: “Did I say something funny?”
        Dagger-eyed Mrs Cowdog, telepathically to Got: “Don’t you fucking dare…”

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        • Bulldawg Bill

          Cowdog, that’s without a doubt the funniest shit I’ve read in ages. Just because I can relate to that scenario!!!!!

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        • dawginforsyth

          @CowDawg: You got me man, was mid swallow and nearly had a niagra reading about yours.

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        • originaluglydawg

          Could it have had something to do with the Wild Turkey swigs you were probably sneaking between the wine tasting stops?
          If you’re going to drank fine wines, make it a local Muscadine, preferably made by some old boy wearing overhauls.


        • Preach it, brother…I typically get my talkin to in the car right before we go to the front door of the house for a dinner party…my wife threatens me under penalty of death not to embarrass her, again

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          • Bulldawg Bill

            [strains of the “Hallelujah Chorus” reaching a crescendo]


            • I think our man Got is on to something…”Hint O Taint” scented candles…try to envision an unholy aroma of Old Bay Seasoning and Shit Covered Febreze (talk about poo-puorri) wafting about…and if any of you fellas draw Ole RR for this year’s secret Santa, just be forewarned he strikes me as a regifter…he’d put “Hint O Taint” back into circulation lickity slit…hopefully you don’t take that as a Shocker…it’s always that one in the stink that gets the biggest reaction


              • Got Cowdog

                Yeah. Once I got control of myself and Mrs. Cowdog pulled her fingernails out of my leg she informed me in angry sotto voce Cork “taint” is a common term when discussing wine and to quit being such a sophomoric ass.
                Me: You want to know what else is a wine term?
                Her: NO
                Me: No really… I’m serious…
                Her: NO
                Me: “Bung Hole” “Ow Ow Ow stop it with the fingernails already…”

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              • archiecreek

                (Son, for all you unedukated in southern vernacular)

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Corch ‘cruited purty good, but iirc, Spurrier didn’t put a lot of effort into recruiting and still did well. Am I wrong about that?


    • Down Island Way

      Corch didn’t recruit much, he had adapted to searching the police records for arrested individuals with a football past….


  6. dawg100

    Yes, and others are in that boat. For instance, even though Oklahoma is clearly relevant today, they too have not won a title since before these recruits were born.


    • Texas Dawg

      But at least Oklahoma has a couple of Heismans, BIG 12 conference titles, and playoff appearances to keep them in the spotlight. Florida has …..memories (and delusions).


  7. “There also have been a slew of five-star players that Florida loved and pursued and didn’t sign because of, well, Bama. Or Georgia. Or Ohio State. Or LSU. Or Clemson.

    That’s a powerhouse list, and in terms of recruiting and roster depth, Florida no longer has a spot on it.”

    My Public Service Announcement:
    Remember, an erection lasting longer than four hours requires medical attention, ya’ll. I apologize to the ladies who frequent these parts. My PSA merely acknowledges the fact that a lot of us are big dumb animals at heart.

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  8. Charles Jackson

    Pretty soon…..as of the end of this year when Mullen is most likely fired, or bolts for the NFL. He will not be the UF coach in 2022!


  9. stoopnagle

    Very much enjoyed that overview of Mullen’s recruiting. LOL.

    I’m curious: is the “national” recruiting of Alabama and to a less degree Ohio State which is Saban getting into Florida and Texas for top recruits correlated with Kirby’s recruiting in Georgia? Has Bama had to work around Kirby to a degree, by re-focusing on Texas and Florida? I honestly don’t know. I know Kirby is doing well in-state and is in on a lot of top out-of-state recruits as well – and I am sure Bama is still drawing some of the best from Georgia. But has there been any significant changes since 2016/17?


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  11. Somebody dial the Wayback Machine to January 2, 1996. That was a good’un.


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