TFW you forget to bring your PR person to SEC Media Days

Of all the answers in the world, this is certainly one of them.

… Late last month, Orgeron was added as a defendant to a Title IX lawsuit claiming he failed to report a rape allegation against former running back Derrius Guice.

When that topic came up, Orgeron said, “That’s something I’m not going to comment on. It’s an ongoing investigation, and I’m not going to comment on any of that. Thanks for asking, though.”

Gosh, I’m sure that will settle things.  Best of luck with that approach in your deposition, fella.


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17 responses to “TFW you forget to bring your PR person to SEC Media Days

  1. Down Island Way

    Should there be a brain fart company out there, coach is all in for NIL sign up …


  2. HirsuteDawg

    Boys will be boys and college boys especially so – but when an organization’s leaders condone offensive / illegal actions by its members and participants even going to their assistance by covering up and hiding such actions – its malpractice and they should be held accountable. And what message does it send the players when you’ll kick the 4th string walk-on out and protect the record breaking five-star?


  3. ugafidelis

    LSU is now in the same category as Baylor as far as I’m concerned.

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  4. Oeaux loves to play the stupid Cajun who just loves LSU, but he’s just another win-at-all-cost cut-throat coach. As things continue to happen in this saga, he gets closer to the school of rehabilitated coaches in Tuscaloosa.


  5. mddawg

    “No comment” is exactly what I’d expect him to say. It could’ve been worse though. He could’ve taken a page from the Urban Meyer playbook and accused the reporters of making stuff up, only to have it revealed later that all of the allegations are true.

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  6. Ran A

    LSU folks had better enjoy this upcoming season… That place is a mess that even the NCAA cannot ignore…


  7. stoopnagle

    Others disagree ahem but I think O is gone after 2021.


  8. Unfortunately, LSU has a bad track record regarding covering up misogyny and crimes against women…looking at you Coach Miles

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