That gap ain’t gonna shrink itself.

This is good, right?

Just think how much worse that would be if Dan Mullen wasn’t such an outstanding developer of talent.


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11 responses to “That gap ain’t gonna shrink itself.

  1. But that Kirby Smart is just a dunce with a bowl-cut who will be out of a job in 2 years. Handbags, am I doing this right?

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  2. theotherdoug

    Is this the season that Mullen talks about 5 star hearts?

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  3. originaluglydawg

    This may be one of those years where Kentucky is a factor.
    With that much returning experience and a damn good coach, and a chip on their shoulders against MFU, it could be fun!

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  4. Ran A

    The team I think UK wants to beat down is UT. They have been resetting that narrative for a while and it’s time to drive it home. UK was UT’s bitch forever and a day… You get the feeling that Stoops will want the new regime to understand that “them days are over”… The one thing UT does have going for them is that UK is at MSU on October 30th, while UT has a bye week, with their game coming on November 6th.

    We all need to be wary of Kentucky. They grabbed LSU’s LT, they grabbed a top 5 receiver transferring from (want to say) Oklahoma, they have a QB that can throw the ball and a new O.C.

    Georgia gets them at home, a little earlier this year – October 16th, right after the Auburn game. By the time Georgia plays them, they will have played Missouri (home), South Carolina (away), UF (home), LSU (home), along with 2 cup cakes.

    In case you are wondering, UF plays Bama at home, UT at home ad then they are at Kentucky. They should be 3-1 coming into that game with Florida Atlantic and South Florida on their schedule.

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  5. Godawg

    Did Tenn find another 7 guys so they can field a team this year?


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