The “f” word

Greg Sankey to SEC teams:  get vaccinated, or get fucked.

One thing the conference can control is what it will do if a team is unable to play because of coronavirus issues. Sankey said games won’t be postponed and has recommended that the conference removes the 53-man roster minimum that was put in place last year.

The message to schools is “You’re expected to play as scheduled,” Sankey said.

“That means your team needs to be healthy to compete, and if not, that game won’t be rescheduled,” he said. “And thus, to dispose of the game, the ‘forfeit’ word comes up at this point.”

I guess that means the Georgia-Vanderbilt game is on this season.


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30 responses to “The “f” word

  1. Teacher Martin

    It will be UGA’s luck that they will have to forfeit this year.


  2. akascuba

    His second sentence is where the pearl is. The season starts in six weeks.


  3. I’m really glad the SEC made this decision. It’s the right step to take.

    Players still have the freedom to decide not to take the shot, but they also understand the impact they can have on their teammates if they don’t.

    It’s good to hear we’re on the high side of the percentage.

    Candy, no excuses this fall.

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  4. Kirby did a great job during the pandemic keeping our boys safe with the team protocols…now the gauntlet has been tossed down regarding no rescheduling…sounds as if most of the Dawgs are already vaccinated, and may have a few more to go if they choose…let’s keep the team protocols in place to try to mitigate any spread and hope for the best…Kirby impressed me last season without a vaccine, and I have no doubt he’ll have his boys ready with all the information and precautions we now know about…go Dawgs


  5. rigger92

    Ha, I thought this was going to be another snarky UF post.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    He’d have more success if he said a pro-rated share of the end-of-season distributions would be deducted and redistributed to other schools for every forfeit.

    Does Vandy really give a damn whether they forfeit to UGA or get pummeled? Personally, I hope the game is played because we plan on going.


  7. Granthams Replacement

    The advantage to vaccinated players is the reduction in testing and less contact tracing. Vaccinated players will still get the virus (most with zero symptoms) and show positive on a test. Now the testing is weekly vs daily and the contact tracing is much less stringent. My inner Munson is screaming UGA has a significant number of players unavailable due to the virus for UF, SEC champ, CFP or all 3.


    • sirjackshea1980

      fify: Vaccinated players CAN still get the virus.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      “Vaccinated players will still get the virus…”
      I don’t know what you think that means, but it is empirically clear that 94-95% will NOT get the virus if vaccinated. And that is without regard to their age and overall health which is probably better than the general population. I will play those odds.


      • sirjackshea1980

        It is possible to get the virus if you are vaccinated, although the numbers at this point are miniscule. The main point is that if you do get the virus and you are vaccinated, you probably will have very mild symptoms if any.


  8. bigjohnson1992

    Yeah, because only 27 people in the country were diagnosed with the regular flu last year. Kinda weird.


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