TFW our cliché is his reality

Pretty good JT quote ($$):

… Daniels offered up an interesting take on why, beyond experience and supporting cast, he may have been so good right away, better than his USC days: The fact he had been practicing against Georgia’s defense, especially when he was the scout-team quarterback for about a month, daily going against the first-team defense. That in itself had been a culture shock when he got to Athens.

“The first thing I learned when I got here was: ‘I don’t even know if I’m meant to play this sport.’ Like, Jordan Davis? Like, Nolan Smith? JD runs like a 4.9 (40-yard dash) at 350 pounds. That’s ridiculous,” Daniels said.


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14 responses to “TFW our cliché is his reality

  1. godawgs1701

    Yeah, I’m sure JT was happy to have a no-contact jersey for a while so he could get acclimated to the realities of life in the Southeastern Conference. Incidentally, this is why SEC teams will always have an advantage over finesse offenses. A Pac 12 or Big 12 team had better score a whole lot of points early, because just like Georgia did against Oklahoma, the SEC team is going to adjust to any disparity in skill position speed (if there is any!) and then the brute force strength and athleticism is going to wear you down until you’re just sick of being beat up and fold at the end.


  2. Greg

    Really like how complimentary he is of the players…..not that they haven’t earned it, but it goes a LONG way in building team chemistry/togetherness.

    The team as a whole seem to respect him…

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  3. Terry McCullers

    To me that’s where the SEC has the upper hand on everyone else . It’s defense

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    • biggusrickus

      I think it’s interior defensive linemen more than anything. There are plenty of guys out there who are normal sized and can move quickly. Finding fat guys who can really get off the line is harder.

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  4. stillthatguy

    The sheer number of grown-ass men that are playing in the SEC, vs anywhere else, is just mind-boggling, and it plays out, year after year, in inter-conference games where the players actually give a shit (i.e. not the Belk Bowl).

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  5. Bulldawg Bill

    JT’s nothing if not modest.