“… it is hard for a human being to stop Darnell, let alone a cornerback.”

JT Daniels talks about what year two brings for the Georgia offense.

“Yes, your offense did not get as much and it takes the offense more practice than it takes a defense. It affected everybody that played football last year. Obviously, it was a pandemic here.

“In terms of this year, you have a full spring. So everybody that played against Cincinnati coming back. A lot of guys that played the whole year. You just have a lot of consistent development from a lot of really good players. You just get more defined. You do simple better. Small things are not small things anymore. They’re done. They’re just details. Just a lot of things that contribute that you don’t realize contribute to a successful offense are a lot further along than they were last year.”

Every time Daniels talks about keeping the offense simple, an angel gets its wings.

Or Todd Monken smiles.  Same thing.

“It is his system,” Daniels said. “I think it benefits quarterbacks that can go to the line and change the play, can enhance the play. You have packages where do you go the line, the quarterback calls it based on certain looks and that’s all installed. If you have a quarterback that can handle it, that plays into his strengths as a coordinator. He will say it to you he will say that to anybody. That is how he wants his football to be played. He wants the quarterback to be in control of the final say.

“Because no matter what he does and this is what he says, he can never call a perfect game. Nobody can. You call the play before the defense is out there. I think his system just benefits my strengths more than the system is built around me.”

I know he’d never say it, because it’s not good form to slag your kids, but watching Stetson regularly fail to pick up the receiver who was invariably open had to drive Monken nuts last year.  Having a big arm is great, but being able to find and hit the open guy is bigger.



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12 responses to ““… it is hard for a human being to stop Darnell, let alone a cornerback.”

  1. 81Dog

    This may be the biggest thing that fires me up about the O for 2021: Monken clearly schemed guys open all year. Dog bless the Mailman, who was good considering he was a distant 4 on the depth chart most of the preseason and couldn’t have gotten a ton of reps, but some guys he missed or overlooked. With a solid spring and off-season to polish the chemistry and understand the system, you have to think JT is going to see the best open choice more often and go to him.

    I watched LSU games in 2019 and marveled at the explanations of how Brady schemed people open. I’m not saying I expect the historic levels of production those guys had, but I anticipate all our weapons will be used effectively this year.

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  2. David D

    Every year we get a dose of happy talk. Somehow, this year I believe it to be more than hubris.

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  3. Down Island Way

    A smiling Monken with wings…nice!

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  4. Russ

    I wonder how Stet would have performed if the coaches had considered the possibility he would be the starter. I’m very happy with JT and glad he’s the starter, but I don’t think we saw peak Mailman.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Russ, look at it this way; Stet will benefit from a full Spring like everyone else. That will be evident when we do get to see him play.


  5. practicaldawg

    “Having a big arm is great, but being able to find and hit the open guy is bigger.”

    Having a big guy to hit is bigger still.


  6. OMAHA!

    Unless there is a 6’6” lb lined up over 0 to jam him, I’m throwing to him. And when there is? Going to Arik. Good luck stopping that bitchez!


    • Got Cowdog

      Aaaand…. just so y’all don’t forget what RBU stands for? A toss sweep to Zeus halfway through the third on a gassed defense goes for about 80 and 6.
      Lawd have mercy FPD, I this is some good Kool-aid.


  7. stoopnagle

    He only has to be Brandon Weeden good, y’all. That’s it.

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  8. Godawg

    “If Jordan Davis ran a 4.4, I don’t think he could even stop Darnell.”
    Man o man, I can hardly wait to see this. I’m beginning to get fired up and August ain’t even here yet.


  9. tiredofidsearch

    I think for the Clemson game he should have a couple of different plays to call at the line.
    Since clemson steals signs, have a play ready to call at the line right before the snap thus not giving them time to react.


  10. poetdawg

    “… it is hard for a human being to stop Darnell, let alone a cornerback.”
    So the implication is that cornerbacks aren’t human beings? As a former O lineman I can buy that.