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SEC media preseason picks

I didn’t know Shane Beamer’s wife was a member of the media.



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Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s take on Georgia’s 2021 season

… is everything you’d expect.  Literally.

“I think the Clemson game is huge, (because) if Georgia can find a way to beat Clemson, the schedule sets up really nicely for them,” Barnhardt said. “You’ve obviously got to play Florida in Jacksonville and you’ve got to go to Auburn, I understand that, but if you beat Clemson you’re in really great shape.

“If you lose to Clemson, then all of your margin for error is gone, and you’ve got to run the table and probably beat Alabama in Atlanta. So I think there’s a lot riding on the Clemson game.”

And to think information like this is just out there… for free.


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TFW life really does come at you fast

Six months and nothing about this leaked?  Color me stunned.

And impressed.



“Minimum of 6 months” was evidently doing some heavy lifting in Bohls tweet.


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Leadership, respect, and a great man in…

… Kevin Warren?

Jim Delany, he ain’t.  And, as Pete Thamel indicates, Warren is going to have some tricky waters to navigate if this Oklahoma/Texas to the SEC deal becomes a reality.

All are new enough to their jobs where they haven’t done a college sports television contract. The Big Ten’s contract runs through 2022-23. The Pac-12’s goes through 2023-24. The ACC is buried by the untenable deal with ESPN that keeps it frozen in what’s already a second-tier deal until 2036.

This impacts all of those leagues in significant ways. ESPN is going all in on the SEC, as it’s expected to pay enough to get Oklahoma and Texas whole with the rest of the SEC, which is north of $60 million annually after 2023. That eats up money, inventory and the best television time slots for the SEC. The SEC wouldn’t be adding this without the extra $120 million a year for OU and Texas, and it’s reasonable to think there’d have to be a bit more sweetener to help the other SEC schools feel good.

“What happens if all of a sudden ESPN isn’t a bidder and Fox has less competition,” said an industry source. “The ripple effects are … PHEW!”

… There has long been a notion in college athletics that the Big Ten and SEC were pulling away from all the other leagues because of the financial success of their networks and the corresponding success on the field. Now, the Big Ten will go to market without the adrenaline jolt that the SEC got in its deal. The only corresponding move the Big Ten could make would be a play for Notre Dame, but that remains unlikely because of how secure Notre Dame’s future is in the new football playoff.

The issue for the Big Ten would be that Ohio State is isolated as the league’s power. Could the Big Ten leverage the potential of its next deal with a move to answer, adding Virginia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina and Clemson to cover the league’s Eastern flank and fortify the Interstate 95 corridor? There will be pressure on Warren to be bold. But the ACC is protected by a grant of rights through the length of its TV deal.

What if Warren’s best move is to fight the 12-team playoff expansion proposal and push for something along the lines of the P4 arrangement I posted about yesterday?  That would have two benefits for the Big Ten, minimizing the impact of the SEC’s move and forcing Notre Dame to choose a conference.  And Warren would likely have an ally in that with the Pac-12.

This shit’s about to get seriously Machiavellian.


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“I think it’s going to open up a lot more.”

Aaron Murray, on what’s in store for Georgia’s offense this season:

“I think they’ll be open to more concepts and less mirror routes. Even if both guys on the outside run the same route, maybe the guy over the middle runs a deep dig,” Murray said. “I think you’ll see that, but you’ll also see a lot more full-field reads from JT, which really puts a lot of stress on defenses, and I think he’s able to handle that. It’s going to be a lot more open, a lot more gun, a lot more 11 personnel.”

More 11 personnel?  I guess that may be so, if you call Arik Gilbert a wide receiver…


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It’s Bo time!

Here’s a quarterback who knows the value of showing a little love to his offensive linemen:


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Finger on the pulse

Ummm… this didn’t age well.

Less than a week ago, amid the glitz and glamour of AT&T Stadium, Big 12 media days were a jovial event.

… and commissioner Bob Bowlsby celebrated the cohesion of his conference—they stuck together during a season amid a pandemic, battled the elements and came out even stronger.

Or so he thought.

“A motivation for conference expansion or realignment,” he said last Wednesday, “it’s gone, or just not there at this point in time.”

Speaking of time, what are the odds Bowlsby’s job even exists four years from now?


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Dabo, thinking outside the box

You know what?

Those aren’t half-bad ideas.


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No love lost

How it started:

How it’s going:


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