Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s take on Georgia’s 2021 season

… is everything you’d expect.  Literally.

“I think the Clemson game is huge, (because) if Georgia can find a way to beat Clemson, the schedule sets up really nicely for them,” Barnhardt said. “You’ve obviously got to play Florida in Jacksonville and you’ve got to go to Auburn, I understand that, but if you beat Clemson you’re in really great shape.

“If you lose to Clemson, then all of your margin for error is gone, and you’ve got to run the table and probably beat Alabama in Atlanta. So I think there’s a lot riding on the Clemson game.”

And to think information like this is just out there… for free.


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24 responses to “Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s take on Georgia’s 2021 season

  1. Derek

    Is the extraneous “d” for “duh?”

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  2. Teacher Martin

    He is right you know.

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  3. Who needs a subscription service after those pearls of deep insight lay in waiting for all to enjoy! Where do I cancel my Athletic subscription?


  4. Greg

    Thinks he and Conner need to start their own bizzness together.

    “The Conner and Conventional Wisdom College Football Show”

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  5. MudCat's Mechanic

    How is that guy paid to write? I’m more insightful trolling people on the facepage.

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    • Down Island Way

      Considering these comments, it leaves very little doubt and no gray matter involved as to who the Captain of the S.S. Obvious is….


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Nobody bothers to listen to Barnhart all the way to the end. If they did, they’d get to the part that says “this is a recording”.

    Poor guy is sports reporting’s equivalent to a sitcom’s canned laughter.

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  7. Tony…ice cream called. It wants it’s vanilla back.

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  8. dawg100

    Damn, here I really thought the UAB game was the all important one.

    But he says Clemson is a big game.

    I guess I paid $1000 a ticket for the wrong game.

    Why didn’t I read his column first? Dang!

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  9. artistformerlyknownasbman

    He’s already got his next three months of articles written. Watch for edgy takes like:
    – Alabama still the favorite in SEC West
    – Michigan fans are getting restless over the Ohio State rivalry
    – NIL benefits likely to have meaningful impact on athletes

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  10. Muttley

    As always, a bold mixture of opinion and hard fact. I looked it up, and the Florida game is in Jacksonville all right- and I’m pretty sure we play Auburn. So give his fact checkers credit for that. Those two games are likely to have results of some kind.

    As to his assertion that the Clemson game will be important, that’ll blow up the message boards for sure, but that’s why they pay him the big bucks. Look for other commentators to crib that one.

    Someone please ask him if he thinks the turnover battle could be relevant.


  11. Granthams Replacement

    Wrong. Lose to Clemson and lose a close game to auburn. Beat bama in the sec champ and Georgia is in the BCS.


  12. KingMackeral

    If he is on social media, he either….[types, retypes, backspaces]

    I got nothin’. Ignorance is bliss I guess. And I am jealous of that ignorance and resulting bliss.

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  13. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I met Tony Barnhart once. Totally an empty suit. Limp handshake too.


  14. whybotherdude

    UGA plays Clempson this year? Thanks Tony, I didn’t know that. Even better it’s going to be a huge game, maybe they will put it on TV.


  15. otto1980

    Between Tony and Conner Riley, I think I really missed my calling.

    Senator, you’re really underpaid here.

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  16. Jack Klompus

    lol. Solid last sentence, Senator.


  17. What a joke this guy is.