The Swiss Army knife of Georgia’s offense

I think of Arik Gilbert and I drool over the possibilities.

Where he fits: Gilbert is a mismatch wherever he plays. UGA recruited him to play wide receiver and he is listed as one on the roster. But he’s going to get some looks at tight end. JT Daniels mentioned at SEC Media Days how Gilbert is meeting with tight ends coach Todd Hartley. In fact, if Georgia doesn’t find ways to use him in tight end-type of role, it’ll be leaving some yards and points on the table. He has the ability to block linebackers and defensive ends and it virtually impossible for any box defender to hang with him in coverage. He also needs to spend plenty of time split out because he’s too big for cornerbacks and nickel defenders. He can beat them with the ball in the air or as a blocker.

2021 Impact: As long has he picks up fairly quickly on the offense, he’s going to play a ton and he’s going to catch quite a few passes. The fact of the matter is that Gilbert is likely the most talented pass catcher on Georgia’s roster. His combination of size, speed, and athleticism isn’t easy to find and he showed that he has the ability a season ago at LSU. As long as he stays healthy, focused, and engaged, the Bulldogs have a serious weapon at their disposal.

Gilbert played in an offense last season directed by an offensive coordinator who’s been replaced, directed by three different quarterbacks over the course of the season (two of whom were freshmen), only appeared in eight games and still managed eleven more catches than Georgia’s tight ends combined.  If Monken can’t deploy him as serious weapon in Georgia’s offense this season, he’s not as good an OC as I thought he was.


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  1. Greg

    honestly, don’t care who gets the ball….primary target, secondary target, RB & etc, just make it work.

    Pretty sure the coaches will tell you the same….if not, we are in trouble.

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  2. mwodieseldawg

    Imagine if you have the ball inside the 10. You send Gilbert, Washington, John Fitzpatrick, and Brock Bowers to the end zone for a jump ball. Then throw a swing pass to the back out of the backfield. No possible defense.

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  3. Ran A

    Best description I saw of Gilbert was “size and strength of a tight end, with a wide receiver twitch”…

    Just damn…

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  4. Can you imagine what this receiving corps will look like if #1 is able to get back at some point this fall?

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      “…if #1 is able to get back at some point this fall?”
      Whaddaya mean, “if”?

      I’ll bet the farm on him making it back before the season’s out!!!

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      • I hope so, and I trust Courson and company to get him as healthy as possible. No matter how good our training and sports medicine staff is, an ACL is still a pretty big deal to heal and recover.


    • If you play 11 personnel with Gilbert at receiver, 0 at TE and Cook in the backfield on an early down, what does a defensive coordinator do? If you come after the run, you are leaving all of the skill guys 1-on-1 including Cook on an inside LB. If you play off, unless you are really good up front, you risk Cook getting to the 2nd level and the run game puts you as a defense behind the chains.

      Good problem to create.

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      • Bulldawg Bill


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      • bcdawg97

        I trust Monken’s scheme at this point. Gonna come down to the OL giving JT the time to make decisions or open holes for the backs, but the thought of being able to deploy Zeus, Cook, Washington and Gilbert on the field at the same time makes me need a shower and cigarette.

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      • Tight ends involved in offense = Senator porn.


      • I would defend it like I handled all my problems on NCAA football from EA Sports or Madden.

        All out punt block.

        You probably won’t stop the play, but in a maddening twist for your opponent, they often with at least one, sometimes up to three injuries to their first string offense. Remotes get thrown at that point, or the occasional land war in Asia is started.

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      • otto1980

        The thing is with Gilbert and Washington, you can run 11 or 12 without substituting, possibly 10.


        • Yep and with Cook or McIntosh, you may be in 11 personnel, but you can go empty backfield/5 wide (or 4 wide with a tight end) if the defensive personnel offers it.


  5. 69Dawg

    Munson alert! We have to hope that they stay healthy. We’re a couple of injuries’ away from being super thin at WR. I’m still worried that the Oline is actually the weakest link. Got to give JT time to pick the D apart. With the darn down field blocking rules and RPO’s, Defense in the SEC is a dying art.
    Without getting turnovers they are pretty useless now. What have you got DJ?

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  6. Russ

    So, THIS is the year we throw to the tight ends?

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  7. Salty Dawg

    Senator! Your article is giving me Kool Aid and rat poison vibes and I’m here for it! I can’t wait to see Gilbert on the field! GO DAWGS!


  8. I want to see Saban screaming and ranting at his D coordinators in December the way Spurrier did and then I want him to confess to the press and the Coke bottle how we kicked their ass with this offense.

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  9. Gaskilldawg

    RD f c


  10. SlobberKnocker

    Hearing AD Mitchel and Burton got arrested after a bar fight last night. Anyone else hear this? I don’t see it on the media outlets yet


  11. ASEF

    I suspect Gilbert’s usage rate comes down to how well he picks up the offense and how well he executes off-ball.

    He can be all those things. Does he want to be all those things?