“Trust no one.”

Oh, puh-leez.

One longtime league insider said A&M, which joined the SEC nine years ago and is still a relative newbie to the nearly 90-year-old conference, became painfully familiar in the past few days with how the powerful conference has operated for decades: pitilessly behind the scenes to get things done.

Jeez, Aggies, how do y’all think you got there?

We already knew most fans don’t like seeing the sausage being made.  Turns out some of the folks who work in the sausage plant don’t like watching, either.


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  1. Anon

    Well…..Texas is a beef state.

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  2. Why in the world would the Aggies, after less than a decade in the conference (during which time they’ve scarcely sniffed a division title, much less an SEC championship), think they’ve somehow acquired veto power over the conference’s decision-making?

    I think Sankey needs to bring in Alec Baldwin’s character from “Glengarry Glen Ross” in to give TAMU a “pep talk.” “You think this is abuse, you c###sucker? You can’t take this, how can you take the abuse you get in a game? You don’t like it, leave.”

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    • Sho nuff….coffee is for closers bitches…


    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      I fairness for years the SEC allowed member schools to blackball other schools from joining the SEC. FU kept out FSU. South Carolina kept out Clemson. And yes, Georgia vetoed GA Tech getting back in. So the Aggies had an expectation that they would get similar treatment. Plus the clandestine manner in which the talks with Texas and OU by the SEC office was at best duplicitous. So the Aggies have a legitimate gripe.

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      • miltondawg

        Meh. The conference bylaws clearly require 11-14 for approval of new membership. It was 75% when the conference put new bylaws in place in 1991 and was modified to 11-14 due to the admission of Missouri and Texas A&M. Consequently, A&M had no reasonable expectation to believe that they would have any ability to blackball anyone. They can still vote no to allow admission for Texas. But they always knew that if it came up in the future they’d have to find three more dance partners to keep the Longhorns out.


        • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

          If the gentlemen’s agreement blackball system is over, then the SEC needs to immediately offer membership to Clemson, FSU, Miami and one other and get to 20.


  3. Ran A

    Just waiting for the Aggies to ask for a ‘safe space’ when Texas is in the room…

    (Please do not read anything political about this – both sides suck – Snoopy for President).

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  4. godawgs1701

    The fact that this so completely vexes those weird grass worshippers in College Station is the only part of the deal that brings me joy. Because the Aggies sure are an annoying bunch.

    Don’t talk to me about a breach of trust when you yourself tried to destroy your previous conference when you left for the SEC.

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  5. classiccitycanine

    Okay, Aggies, if you’re that bent out of shape, you can leave. Nobody in the SEC outside of the Commissioner and ESPN wanted you here in the first place. Your obnoxious presence is a big part of the reason I support adding two more teams to fix the schedule you broke. You won’t leave anyways, because the money is too good, so quit your bitching.

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  6. RangerRuss

    Hopefully this sausage factory produces a product that puts the NCAA out of business.

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    • RR, that’s literally the only positive that could come from all of this.

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    • originaluglydawg

      The problem with a lot “Organizations” is that they forget what they were actually formed to do. By and large they grow to believe “more government is better government” but allow their rulings to be influenced by subjects that stand up to them while hammering the ones that try to abide.
      They grow in the direction of least resistance and become a pain in the ass to their members.
      And they’re strongly driven and influenced by the mouse’s filthy lucre.
      The NCAA seem to be on the trailing edge of every college sports pertinent issue that arises.
      Time for them to go, or completely reorganize with all new blood and and a brand new simplified mission statement.

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  7. Greg $ankey with Ross Bjork:

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  8. Faltering Memory

    IMHO, it’s a case of pros (ESPN) negotiating with amatuers (college presidents and AD’s). The pros know how to push their buttons (more money) and the amatuers jobs are to raise more money. The pros talk about more money and the president react like Pavlov’s dog.

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  9. practicaldawg

    TAMU knows their window for finishing the season with anything more than a winning record is closing.

    This same sentiment has to be sinking in across the conference at other places. Teams like USCjr who historically have had delusions about winning the SEC will now see those dreams snuffed out entirely with even more blue chip teams to get past. For most SEC teams, this deal will mean more money. But also more losses.

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  10. MGW

    If I were A&M I’d push for Texas and OU to join the SEC. A&M has improved their program dramatically since joining the SEC and hasn’t accomplished jack squat. They’d contend for the Big 12 and a spot in the playoff annually if they were still members.

    It should be fun for them to watch Texas and OU find that out the hard way. Meanwhile, they’ll get to dominate Texas for a few years until they catch up. Do that, and you may finally officially supplant them as the most desirable Texas school for recruits.

    Don’t, and you’ve lost nothing; there will definitely be more realignment once the new SEC pecking order is settled and half the current SEC powers/Texas/OU are no longer in the top tier they used to occupy.


    • MGW

      I wouldn’t be surprised if A&M is leery that Texas is just using this to further crap on their current conference peers or to drum up some other arrangement with some current or even new conference that pays them more than what the SEC deal would. And they don’t want to help them pull that off AT ALL.


      • miltondawg

        Only the B1G could give Texas a deal that would pay them more than the SEC. The 12 Pack and ACC don’t have that ability. With Texas and OU, the ACC might be able to get to an SEC or B1G type of TV deal, but for the next few years a move to the ACC wouldn’t generate any additional cash for Texas.


        • MGW

          Texas, especially with OU on board, has the power to do a lot of things. Who knows exactly what those things would look like, but I imagine if they play their cards right (today or in a few years), they could do better than a single school’s SEC revenue share somewhere else.

          Egos could get in their way, but if they’re willing to play nice with some people, they could cobble back together an extremely attractive “western” conference.

          Or join somewhere like the Pac-12 and get more than just an equal share of revenue. I.e., “Pac-12 you’re on life support and nobody watches you… add us and let us make enough money to be worth it (more than everyone else except maybe USC), and we’ll be your white knight.” They’ve got to be aware they’d be a hell of a lot more competitive in the Pac-12 than the SEC as well, and if they could do that for the same or more money, they may.

          I also won’t be surprised if some other conferences or factions from other conferences attempt to cobble together some “lesser but still strong enough” conferences that would still qualify for an auto-bid under the 12 team playoff. One example would be basically putting some Big East “alums” back together (Miami, VT, WV, Syracuse, Temple, UConn, Cincinnati, BC, Rutgers, Pitt….). Maybe get Penn State or someone like that to hop on. All of whom are now castoffs in other conferences getting their asses kicked every single year with zero hope of glory and zero real rivalries worth giving a damn about. I don’t even know why those schools’ fans even watch the games at this point. I mean why? Lets go watch our perennial punching bags go collect a check? I don’t get it.

          Gotta think schools like WV, Miami, VT would relish the idea of going to a still auto-bid conference where they could add a couple “good” wins to the schedule every year and restore some respectability and meaningful rivalries. It wouldn’t be worth SEC money per school, but nothing will even approach that after Texas and OU join anyhow; and perhaps bundling basketball with the next football contract could help. Who knows? If they were to do it soon enough, they could ensure immediate eligibility for their champion in the 12 team playoff while whatever we call the 12 team playoff “committee” or whatever is still hashing out the details and haven’t signed a TV contract.

          That all sounds far fetched, but so did OU/Texas in the SEC, Nebraska in the Big Ten, Mizzou in the SEC, etc. Once the power is so absurdly concentrated in the SEC, the motivation to use the leverage of the “majority” that all other schools in fact do hold over the SEC becomes more attractive…. if they can get their collective acts together. OU and Texas concentrates power so much in the SEC that it aligns pretty much every non-SEC non-Big10 P5 school with the G5 as far as the need to stay or become relevant.

          This move by Texas and OU has not only put the whole rest of the Big12 in no-man’s land, but it’s shown the lesser schools in every other “power conference” except maybe the Big10 that it could happen to them to, and that people are actively planning to do that right now. Make a move or get left behind, because who the hell is going to watch an Oklahoma State game now besides an alum? Who gives a rip about TCU or Baylor when they’re no longer affiliated with the big boys? Congratulations, you’re now Cincinnati… you’re now UConn. You’re G5 again. Maybe UCF will let you join their conference… maybe you could play App State and Georgia Southern every year… Nobody cares about you without the big boys on the schedule so get your shit together and make a move.

          But at the same time, if it’s just the SEC and a few other big schools, people will get bored with that; the bullies need nerds to beat up on for it to be interesting. NFL lite will absolutely not work as a “national” product. Realistically, we need those other teams for CFB to be interesting.

          The rest of the CFB world was already sick and tired of the SEC, and that’s only going to ratchet up after this, if it goes through; just about anything can happen from that point on.


  11. stoopnagle

    Aggy gonna Aggy.