How bad do they want it?

If this report is accurate, pretty effing bad.

Using the Longhorn Network money to buy the two schools out of the Big 12 might be the most ironic act of the decade.  And it’s only 2021.



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  1. Greg

    Last time that I remember a deal out of TX even close to that size was Herschel going to Minnesota…..could be wrong though.

    Of course, all of this could be posturing from the 2 schools, to get a better deal (their conf.)

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    • miltondawg

      At this point with yesterday’s news that OU and UT(a) had formally notified by the Big XII that they would not be renewing their media rights through the Big XII and the announcement from the SEC today that OU and UT(a) had formally requested invitation to the SEC, I think that the possibility of this all being for posturing for a better deal in the Big XII has sailed.

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      • Greg

        I guess they could always change their minds & would be welcomed back with open arms

        Just skeptical, Texas has been down this road before….will believe it when I see it.

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  2. theotherdoug

    Disney wants out of the the lhn that bad or is it shuffling of money to justify the move?


  3. Wow. If the arrogant jackasses of Austin had worked with their conference from the beginning instead of bullying them, maybe they (and Oklahoma) wouldn’t be here right now.

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  4. 69Dawg

    What Mickey wants Mickey gets, even if Mickey has to pay for it.

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  5. whb209

    I am sure ESPN wants out of the LHN. Last I heard they were losing about 60 million a year. A one time payment of 160 million sound pretty good compared to losing 60 million for the next 10 years. I am also sure the final price will be something short of the 160 million. I hope UT does not expect to get some great leadership role in the SEC. They must know that the SEC is Nick’s world and they are just going along for the ride. I also think we talk a lot about TX but without OK, TX would have no chance of getting in the SEC. In other words OK is worth more to the SEC than TX is worth.
    (that is poorly written, but I hope you get my main idea)(don’t let TX screw with my SEC)

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    • David K

      You’re nuts if you think Oklahoma is worth more to the SEC than Texas. Texas is worth 10x’s Oklahoma if not more. There are 30 million people in Texas and 4 million in Oklahoma.

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      • whb209

        David-K- I am sure I am nuts. This from USAToday is what I was thinking.

        Oklahoma, which has made four playoffs itself, would give the league another perennial candidate. Texas football would bring another large and passionate fan base under the SEC’s umbrella, but the on-field product hasn’t been at national championship caliber for the Longhorns since the mid-aughties. That could change with a new coaching staff starting this year, of course, but for now, the Sooners are the more valuable property for the SEC in regard to securing playoff slots.


    • Texas may actually have to buy Disney out of the contract – see below excerpt and article link:

      “In fact, the original LHN contract gives [ESPN] an exclusive window to negotiate for all of Texas’ rights if they ever leave the conference, whether to join another existing one, form another entirely, or go independent.”

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      • otto1980

        If ESPN does hold those rights and ESPN is loosing money on the LHN, it would add up that ESPN wants to shuffle things so that they make more with ESPN. The question is are the gains greater than the buy outs. $60mil is paid off in 3 years if they owe the Big12 $160million but that does not include the renegotiated SEC Network.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    No problem Big 12. UCF is on line 1 and wants to take one of those slots.

    Who knows, a few phone calls to Boise, Colorado State, San Diego State, Brigham Young, Utah State, etc. and you’re right back in the playoff picture.

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  7. practicaldawg

    Well the last time Texas declared its independence, it only took 13 days at the Alamo. I’m guessing they’d like to stick to that timeline using whatever leverage they have in 2021. I like their chances considering that they are apparently much better at winning financial deals than they are football games.


  8. RangerRuss

    $160 million here, $160 million there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.
    Somebody had to say it.

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  9. akascuba

    Texas sucks #FTMF. It’s still 10-9 assholes DGAS about the last bowl game.

    I hope I’m doing this welcome to the SEC thing right it’s been years without practice.

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  10. Anon

    With all this money floating around can we finally field a Lacrosse program?

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    • rugbydawg79

      Or maybe give Our Rugby program some money. Oldest Club sport on campus. !967 When I played we shared out field with Lacrosse team.

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      • Anon

        That’d be ok too. But I’m not sure how deep GA HS Rugby talent is. GA has very competitive HS Lax nowadays. With right investment the SEC could jump big into LAX and make impact soon on the National stage. Similar to way SEC did with softball. You don’t think SEC could recruit best players in country…I do. These kids in northeast and in the DELMARVA area would look to come down south. Enjoy good lax and good football and good weather. It’s a no brainer to me. And Title IX could suck it Because we could field and mens and women’s program.

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  11. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Hey Siri: Why do divorces cost so much?

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  12. uga97

    CFP…Creative Financing Principle


  13. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    That still may not do it. Each institution not only the Big 12 potentially has a separate claim against OU and Texas for consequential damages under a breach of contract theory and against the SEC for tortious interference with contractual rights and obligations. If the schools can prove they will lose money from this going forward the claims of all of them could easily amount to $1 Billion.