Kirby speaks… again.

Barrett Sallee spoke with Kirby Smart at SEC Media Days and touched upon a number of subjects of interest — the opener, the anticipated growth in Georgia’s offense, Arik Gilbert, the player he fears will be missed the most on defense, NIL, transfers, etc.

You can watch it here.



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9 responses to “Kirby speaks… again.

  1. Sallee — pretty good interviewer … pretty awful talking head

    Kirby did a good job of resisting asking him a question about who was going to smoke us this year.


  2. spur21

    More proof of why I like our HC.

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  3. debbybalcer

    Quality interview.

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  4. akascuba

    Thanks for posting this one. It’s the most up to date insightful one I’ve watched. Great questions from Sallee wonder who wrote them for him. JK

    Was that real concern from Kirby about does he have a game changing pass rusher? Just dam something else to worry about.

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  5. Yep, Kirby is a DGD

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  6. I’m excited about Gilbert but would rather have Pickens, even if it meant not getting Gilbert. His ability to go get the ball will be hard to replace.

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