Not your father’s (or Jim Chaney’s) Georgia offense

There’s definitely a trend here.

It’s not as if Georgia ran out of quality running backs after Chubb and Michel.  The running game is slowly losing its outsized degree of emphasis (and note that accelerated under Coley).

Where do you think that percentage lands in 2021?  (For comparison’s sake, note that last season Alabama ran on 52.8% of its plays, but its rushing yards were only 33.8% of its total yardage.)


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17 responses to “Not your father’s (or Jim Chaney’s) Georgia offense

  1. Run when it’s offered. Pass when it makes sense. If we can make people respect our passing game by keeping a safety out of the box and run successfully, we’ll beat everyone we play.

    Yes, I said it … this team can be undefeated.

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  2. Biggen

    I think we will still be close to 50%. Too many good RBs on the team.

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    • HirsuteDawg

      Good backs, yes – but it was interesting that over the time illustrated we reduced running plays by about 20% and running yards by 32%. I’m too lazy to look but wonder what total yards ended up


  3. Derek

    So obviously we’ve won more and more games/championships over that time right?

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Don Coryell is trembling in his grave.


  5. MGW

    We’ve had quality backs, but nothing approaching “Michel/Chubb” quality.

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  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Isn’t it ‘three’ top 50 RBs (Swift), if we’re looking at a 4 year timeframe?


  7. akascuba

    I believe a Mr. Swift #7 had a yards in 2017 too. Agreed a drop in the bucket compared to #1 and #27. Few teams ever have had such a 3rd stringer to use when the primary and secondary weapons needed a breather.

    While Jake had a big day and Spec’s was money when needed at the Rose Bowl without those soul crushing breakaway to the house TD runs we don’t win. It’s also maybe the only game I ever enjoyed watching the team line up in the wild dawg formation. I normally called it the rabid dawg since every body knew what was coming and could usefully crush it. Thankfully not OU especially near a goal line. Their use of the keystone cops defense was wildly enjoyable. I’m told not to use that reference as it ages me. IDGAS the year of my birth along with being awarded a Medicare card has aged me.
    The trip to ND was once in a lifetime we knew that going in. The NC game even include a few seconds of shear joy as the ball was spotted after the last sack. I actually thought we were going to win for a couple of seconds. I was not alone In hollering for joy. As Munson would have said I bet you did do until the next snap. No road game I’ve attended matched the Rose Bowl. Happy endings in overtime may cloud my judgement I admit. Maybe it was the guy smoking pot behind us or the 16oz cold beers the served at the concession stand.
    I sure hope with all the changes coming down the track we go back there soon. Looks like there is a chance I’ll get to see a game at Jerry’s world. I have one more ask while at it soon (remember I’m told I’m old). A Georgia NC game with a happy ending and IDGAS about run pass percentage just win the trophy and bring back to Athens. Then rest of the college football world can KMA and STFU.


    • Bulldawg Bill

      “A Georgia NC game with a happy ending…”
      There’s cheaper places to go for a happy ending… just sayin’…


  8. theotherdoug

    I think we’re going to throw a lot more, but we also have a lot of games that we should be running the ball to kill the clock in the second half.


  9. 69Dawg

    If we can’t keep the safeties back with the WR & TE’s we have then our run game failure will be due to the OLine. It all begins and ends with the Oline and I for one am not as sold on our oline coach. We are loaded on the Oline but if he can’t teach them to block like the Rockettes dance (together), we will have some long games. We will wear down lesser teams but not Clemson or BAMA. Continuingly rotating on the Oline is a bad thing.


  10. Tony BarnFart

    Make the safety have to tackle Kendall Milton or Kenny McIntosh right after the third play in a row he was dragged 8 yards downfield by Darnell Washington.

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  11. fisheriesdawg

    Should we run a regression analysis against success rate or some other metric measuring offensive prowess in each of those seasons?