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Is more fan friendly not an option any more?

Okay, it’s not exactly “4 tickets, 4  hot dogs, 4 cokes” territory, but it’s a little disconcerting to see UGA’s athletic department take a step like this.

Sure, some of that can likely be chalked up to a post-COVID hangover, but not all.  If this is a inkling of what’s to come, even at a successful program like ours, were I Josh Brooks, I’d be getting a wee bit concerned.



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Today, in doing it for the kids

You, an amateurism romantic:  Scholarships are fair value for college athletes!  Besides, think of what compensation for football players will do to scholarship athletes in non-revenue sports!

They, every P5 athletic department:

One day, business schools across the country are going to use the NCAA and schools as the perfect model to teach class after class how not to promote successful business PR.


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Backfield in motion

I know some of you might question ranking Texas A&M’s running backs as the best group in the conference, but, statistically speaking, they’re a talented bunch.

I didn’t realize Smith was returning to full-time receiving, but I’m not surprised.  He’s damned good.  But, overall, that’s a good point; Fisher is going to lean heavily on that backfield to ease his new quarterback in.  TAMU’s issue will be how an offensive line that lost almost every starter from last season adjusts.

By the way, Georgia’s backfield is looking none too shabby there, either.  That’s a good thing for a returning quarterback to have.


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Name that caption, one of these things ain’t like the other edition

Welcome to the land of wishful thinking.


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“We will have a response.”

Hey, remember that simple question I asked the other dayWell

The Realignment War of 2021 has begun, and this time, there is a particularly precious battleground: the expanded playoff model.

Conferences are scrambling and schools are jockeying, all of them tossed into a tizzy of action by the SEC’s bold play—stockpiling more of the nation’s richest college football programs.

It’s clear who the bad guys are this go-around: commissioner Greg Sankey and the Southeastern Conference, brandished by some here as the person and the entity that helped destroy a conference, pushed college football into a mess of disruption and compromised the expansion model.

Sankey was on the four-person working group that created the 12-team proposal, leading some around college athletics to question his motives as one of few who knew that his league could soon expand.

“It’s fishy,” says one.

“It’s insider trading,” says another.

While some say the SEC wisely and secretly leaped ahead of everyone else in the next wave of realignment, others describe the move as unnecessary and harmful to college sports. The SEC burned already charred bridges and even ruined personal relationships, they say.

As a result, high-level decision-makers are contemplating a retaliatory move. Does the Pac-12, Big Ten and others form an alliance against the big, bad SEC?

Only if that doesn’t cost them money.


UPDATE:  More carefully worded righteous indignation here ($$).

“It creates some concern about the way the 12-team proposal was constructed, with a limited number of folks in the room and imperfect information between the people who were in the room,” new Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff told The Athletic. “The proper process is: Everybody who has a say should have a say, and everybody should be operating with the same information.”

But, the money.

“This isn’t about throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” Kliavkoff said. “This is about tweaking it and making sure that issues — if the Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 had been in the room, they would have been addressed already — but because they weren’t and this was a two-year process, we need a couple of months to actually collect those. We’ll work collaboratively.”

What, does he think Sankey would have told them what he was up to if only they were there?


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“That’s Alabama value.”

If Nick Saban isn’t handing this quote out to every kid on the recruiting trail…

… he’s not Nick Saban.  Shit, they ought to print that on t-shirts.


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Writing checks with your mouth your defensive coordinator can’t cash

Bold talk from a Gator:

“Our points are not going to be as high this year,” Miller said, “so we plan on shutting people out this year. That’s the expectation for my defense.”

You know what Mike Tyson said about plans, my man.


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Location, location, location

Nailing down that coveted 11PM East Coast viewing window:

When all you’ve got to sell the networks is geography, you ain’t got much to sell.

By the way, you’re new here, George, so I’ll cut you some slack, but you might want to check with the Mountain West on that “the only conference” claim.


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“Every little bit helps us get through this terrible time.”

This is pretty tough to read.

My name is Deangelo Tyson and I am asking that you please help my wonderful family including my five children and beautiful wife during this difficult time. As a former Georgia Bulldog and Baltimore Raven I know what it means to fight through hard times. However, at 32 years old I am now facing the biggest fight of all- Colon Cancer!

During June we received devastating news that has jeopardized my family and my life. After several months of losing weight (which I attributed to no longer playing sports). I began experiencing severe stomach pains. After a visit to the ER and multiple tests I received the words no one ever wants to hear- “Deangelo you have colon cancer”. I have since had surgery to remove the tumor and will begin chemotherapy right away. There are many hard days ahead.

Because of the extended time off work during the past few months I lost my job and have no steady income. My wife also was working but was terminated due to her caring for me. We have five wonderful children and currently have no jobs or ways to support them. The medical bills are piling up and will certainly grow as the treatment continues. For those of you who know me or my family you know that I don’t like a lot of attention on me. When I was blessed to be in the NFL for several years I was able to help families and young children which meant so much as a kid who grew up in a boys group home in South Georgia. Those resources have now gone away and it is hard for me to say it is me and my family who need help.

He’s already raised better than half his goal.  If you can help a Dawg out, do what you can.


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Musical palate cleanser, doin’ er’rything edition

Prince, playing “Crimson and Clover” like he was born to it:

I’m not sure there was a style of pop music he couldn’t nail.


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