Backfield in motion

I know some of you might question ranking Texas A&M’s running backs as the best group in the conference, but, statistically speaking, they’re a talented bunch.

I didn’t realize Smith was returning to full-time receiving, but I’m not surprised.  He’s damned good.  But, overall, that’s a good point; Fisher is going to lean heavily on that backfield to ease his new quarterback in.  TAMU’s issue will be how an offensive line that lost almost every starter from last season adjusts.

By the way, Georgia’s backfield is looking none too shabby there, either.  That’s a good thing for a returning quarterback to have.


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  1. Granthams Replacement

    The eye test ranks Tank much higher on the list.

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    • akascuba

      Wish we could have closed the deal on Tank. He sure would look good in a Georgia uniform.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      “Eye test” = fooling myself, imo. As much as Tank has been ballyhooed his numbers relatively anemic, especially since he isn’t sharing significant numbers with other on his team like The A&M and UGA backs are. Then again, that may speak more to what lousy team the Barn fielded last year. And hey, if AU doesn’t up its game Tank might still come to UGA via portal (if there’s room).


  2. akascuba

    Losing 4 of the starting O line probably won’t help them this season.

    Aggie nation believes after last season Jimbo has delivered them to their rightful position as an annual top ten championship capable team. If Jimbo thought he was under bright lights in the past he ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    So TAMU is gonna play manball?

    Good luck to ‘em!

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    • Down Island Way


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    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      “Manball” as you use it is a pejorative term. Football is a physical sport. Having your team, particularly the O-line, physically dominate the other team is a good thing, wouldn’t you agree? IMHO Kirby’s greatest gift to UGA football is the toughness he demanded. By 2017 the Dawgs were physically the toughest team in the SEC and maybe in all of CFB. The only team in the SEC that could match Georgia’s physicality was Bama. Thank you Kirby.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

        LOL. Okay, caveman. Keep beating your head into a brick wall with three yards and cloud of dust while teams are scoring 50 points a game and can score in less than a minute because of rule changes that benefit the passing offense.

        Do what defenses want you to do, play phonebooth football, and keep running it into the line.

        That can win you some games, sure. But when it matters, when titles are on the line against the Bamas and the Tosus and the Clemsons of the world, you’re not winning jack shit.

        But keep running your head into that wall. Because you’re a “tough man” or something.


  4. stoopnagle

    Aggies better hurry up and win something. Their window appears to be closing.

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    • biggity ben

      Stoop, don’t you know windows only close at UGA. Jimbo’s seat is cooler than a Polar bear’s toenails.


  5. 69Dawg

    So this is the same old BS about running backs. Either you need to feed them so they get hot in the game or you share the carries to save them. If Kirby has continued one thing it is UGA is RBU. Name another team in the conference/nation that is as deep in quality RB’s. If the listed RB’s get injured what other team is set to carry on without a drop off, I’m waiting.


  6. Bulldawg Bill

    “Back field in motion, hey!
    Gonna have to penalize you, yooooooh!
    Back field in motion, Baby.
    You know that’s against the rules!”