Location, location, location

Nailing down that coveted 11PM East Coast viewing window:

When all you’ve got to sell the networks is geography, you ain’t got much to sell.

By the way, you’re new here, George, so I’ll cut you some slack, but you might want to check with the Mountain West on that “the only conference” claim.


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11 responses to “Location, location, location

  1. drunkenmonken

    That’s like bragging about being the best ice hockey player in Porterdale.

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  2. akascuba

    For a new guy George has got the Baghdad Bob bit covered.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    So all the ‘real’ games will be over before our conference starting times?

    Maybe he should be appealing to the Japanese and Chinese market. Might be just as effective.


  4. theotherdoug

    “We’re the only major conference that can fill that 10pm to 2 am time slot on the East coast.”

    Sad day for the World’s Strongest Man competition and Billiards.


  5. godawgs1701

    He clearly didn’t get the memo about the TV deal with the 9 AM local kickoffs.


  6. miltondawg

    The move by OU and UT doesn’t do anything to strengthen the 12 Pack’s position considering that neither is or was in the Pacific or Mountain time zones. What a bizarre way to try to make your product more desirable than it is.

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    • Remember the Quincy

      I thought the same thing when I read it, too. No Big XII teams are in the Mountain or Pacific time zones.

      Also, I think it’s obvious, but he was talking about Power 5 conferences when he made that comment.


  7. argondawg

    Do not understimate the power of becoming sober while watching Hawaii and some other middling school score 50 on each other at midniight. It is not ideal but it’s not nothing either.

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